30 Days of Training Female Athletes, Day 6: Training the Core

30 Days of Training Female Athletes, Day 6: Training the Core

I love core training.

Similar to the trunk of a tree, a sturdy core allows us to move our limbs freely.

But not freely as in awkwardly, freely as in smoothly.

Here’s what I mean: the core encompasses the lumbo-pelvic area, which is an area that needs to stay stable from outside forces, otherwise female athletes are more susceptible to internally rotating the hips, which causes more toqrue on the knee. Too, if the low back is weak and flimsy, it inhibits upright posture as well as knee drive (hip mobility) for maximal sprinting and rapid re-positioning of the shoulders and change of direction.

I explain in this video HERE:

So without further ado, here is a sample core circuit that helps female athletes reduce chance of injury, as well as improve performance.

Sample Core Circuit

Backward Crawl Head Turn 2×20-30 total
Plank Rotations 2×30-60 seconds (changing every 5 seconds)
Cross Crawl Hollow Hold 2×30-60 seconds
Slow Mountain Climber 2×8-10 each

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