30 Days of Training Female Athletes, Day 16: Sample Agility Workout

30 Days of Training Female Athletes, Day 16: Sample Agility Workout

Before I dive into today’s post, I want to define change of direction and agility.

The two are vastly different, as the first is a skill that involves learning proper stance, joint angles in deceleration and re-acceleration, as well as shoulder position. The other, applies these concepts in a chaotic setting where the athlete has to react. One is skill, the other is skill with cognition.

I’m excited to bring you a sample agility workout for female athletes. Starting with the dynamic warm-up, then moving into nervous system prep, then capping the workout off with change of direction mechanics and fun, reactive games, I hope you enjoy this and give it a whirl. I recommend you do this with a partner and compete.

You can receive the full dynamic warm-up from the first chapter of Total Youth Soccer Fitness 365 if you subscribe HERE.

Following the warm-up, here is the agility workout with video links and exercise order:

Lateral Crawl 2×10 yards each
Axial Crawl 2×3, 3 clockwise, 3 counterclockwise
Hip Bridge Hold 2×15-30 sec
Explosive Jab Steps 2×15 each
Athletic Stance Grooving 1×15
Side Shuffle with Hold 3×5 reps each, 3 second hold in athletic stance
Reaction Box Drill 4 reps, <6 seconds, 90 second rest

5 minute break

Side Shuffle to Sprint 3 reps each way sprint out 20 yards, 2 minute between reps
5 minute break
Reactive Mirror Race 3 reps each (1 leader, 1 follower turn) sprint out 20 yards, 3 minute rest between reps

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