3 Strength Drills for Female Athletes

3 Strength Drills for Female Athletes

I can’t think of any downside of getting strong.

Muscle is a fascinating organ, one of the largest in fact, that keeps humans living longer, healthier and more vibrant lives.

And for female athlete performance, it’s the icing on the cake.

Having more muscle mass improves overall body composition for improved speed and change of direction, as well as ability to control momentum and not be at a high risk for injury.

The truth is, strength training must be done year-round so a female athlete’s muscles do not wither away.

Here are 3 movements that need to be on a girl’s training menu:

1. Reverse Lunge

What It Does: builds single leg strength of the quadriceps for ability to decelerate, and keep the knee safeguarded

2. Single Leg Deadlift

What It Does: Builds balance, trunk stability, and hamstring strength for improved speed and knee stability.

3. Band Assisted Pull-Up

What It Does: Builds upper body and core strength and improves posture

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I put 3 movements in this article because if female athletes are crunched for time during the season, I recommend they get in quadricep, hamstring, and an upper body pulling movement. And if they have more time, add one more movement that works on landing technique, or an upper body pull.

“Not enough time” is a lame excuse. It’s a lack of priorities and discipline because in-season workouts can take 15 minutes or less.

Not enough time is a lame excuse. It's a lack of priorities and discipline because in-season workouts can take 15 minutes or less. Click To Tweet

I get things get overwhelming, like an exam week, but other than that, a girl must be doing her training regularly. Because guess what? There are hundreds of other girls doing it better than her and getting an edge.

Looking back, I was a straight A student who was on a travel soccer team that was an hour away, and I still made time to see my speed coach. My mom was also a major support and tough love system, and would have gotten on my case if I made up lame excuses to skip training. Make it work. And parents, be stern.

A female athlete needs consistent strength training, so her body can be built up during her most crucial years of growth, and prepare for the higher demands and competition of the game when she is in college.


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