3 Speed Drills for Female Athletes

3 Speed Drills for Female Athletes

Speed is simple.

Truth is, once you nail down the basics, you can add training variability in the form of higher jumps, multi-planar jumps, and different tempos in mechanical work.

You also need to sprint FAST for less than 5-6 seconds with a 5 minute or more rest between sprints. Year-round.

Of course, I have an entire library of speed drills that I use for my in person and remote athletes, but here are 3 to get started on:

Pogo Hops

Why: They build explosiveness from the feet and teach female athletes how to make contact with the ground fast.

How: Perform 3-4 as fast as possible (think bouncy)! Rest for 45-60 seconds (yes, rest is important so you can go as fast as possible again!) Then perform another set.



Why: This is the movement I introduce to new athletes learning speed because it slows down mechanical work so they understand the foot should be in front of the hip, posture tall, and striking ground with ball of the foot.

How: Perform as warm-up for 2-3 minutes. Repeat multiple times a week.

Lateral Skip

Why: Skipping drills are a progression to marching drills, which continue to focus on mechanics with some rhythm.

How: Perform for 2-3 minutes in warm up and multiple times a week.

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