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The Soccer Queens Podcast is a show dedicated to empowering young female athletes, building them into strong women, and inspiring them to live with confidence and purpose. I interview coaches who are walking the walk, practicing what they preach, and who are encouraging girls to find their gems. step into their power, and excel on the pitch and off.

Episode 1: You Better Work, Queen

A lot of people think I have some big secret on my athletic and professional success. Whether you’re an athlete who wants to play Division 1 or professionally, or become the best version of yourself on the pitch and off, you have to put in the good old-fashioned hard work. To become a high performer, you have to put in the reps day in and day out, lean into discomfort, tackle failure with tenacity, and continue the lifelong pursuit of leveling up, as an athlete and human. You better work, Queen.

Episode 2: The Hard Truth About Leveling Up

Leveling up on the pitch means optimizing all components of performance – from physical training, to stress management and recovery, to nutrition, to sleep, to relationships, to purpose, to community – in order to be your best self and show up empowered and resilient, you must take inventory of these seven pieces. The hard truth is being relentlessly consistent with being aware of your weaknesses, analyzing where you fall short, and taking the daily actions steps to improve. To become your best on the pitch and off, it’s time to be strict with yourself and get out of old habits that weren’t serving you.

Episode 3: Navigating the Comparison Trap

As long as you are an athlete, you will compare yourself to others who are crushing it. While you cannot totally end comparison, you can turn it into productive energy to focus on your own strengths, get to work on your weaknesses, and continue to level up. Do not let comparison be the thief of joy. Let it be an impetus for personal growth and empowered action.

Episode 4: Trusting Yourself and Your Journey

I kick this episode off with the story on how soccer saved my life, and how amidst despair, depression and a severe rock bottom, I was able to crawl out, remind myself who I was, and trust myself to move forward to follow my passions. This episode will make you cry, but if there is anything you get from it, it’s to remind yourself of your values and do whatever you can to fight for them. Create the world you want to live in, despite the noise and fear, and take back your power.

Episode 5: Less Restricting Food, More Fueling and Having Fun

Food is not only medicine, but it is fuel athletes need to thrive. In order to sustain your energy throughout the rigorous demands of sports, you have to be nourishing your body like a high level athlete who is explosive, strong and conditioned. Registered Sports Dietician and former D1 soccer player, Jaimee Cooper, discusses the dangers of under-fueling, the importance of nutritional balance, why you need to build muscle as a growing female athlete, and how to find joy in your meals.

Episode 6: Building a Fearless and Fierce Female Athlete

Preparing yourself as much as possible, in fact, over-preparing and dialing in relentlessly on your training and mental wellbeing, allows you to walk on the field with confidence and conviction. You also have to prepare yourself relentlessly for the challenges and rock bottoms in life so you can handle anything that comes your way, especially during times of COVID-19. My guest Dr. Tommy John, a holistic human builder with over 20 years in performance and healing, gives the tough love young girls need to play sports fearlessly, and to approach life fiercely during this fear-based time.

Episode 7: Overcoming Eating an Disorder and Finding Your Strength at Rock Bottom

Former college teammate of mine, Sarah Gieszl, comes on the show to discuss her battle with bulimia and anorexia as a college soccer player. Her story is one on hope, friendship and strength. She shares how she crawled out of rock bottom to completely shift her life in a new, empowering direction, and become fully healed today as a strong woman now in medical school.

Episode 8: Meditation for Beginners: Calming Your Internal State to Perform

No matter how strong, fast and prepared you are physically, the potential to crack under pressure due to a poor mental state will kill you. This episode dives into how to begin meditating as a daily, non-negotiable practice, so you can calm your internal state for better focus, creativity, and motivation to perform at a high level.

Episode 9: Staying Cool, Calm and Confident with Coach Shay Haddow

It’s tough out there for a young female athlete. There’s injuries, gossip, degrading coaches, tight competition, recruiting stress and so much more. In order for a young girl to shine her brightest, it becomes paramount to remember her strengths, calm her internal state and walk onto the pitch with confidence. Coach Shay Haddow provides actionable steps for female soccer players to feel their most empowered on and off the field.


Episode 10: The One Secret To Accomplish Your Goals. Hint: It’s Not More Trainers

Having only superficial meanings to train – get the scholarship, get the awards, look good, get faster, etc are not enough. Stop. Right. There. There is a far greater secret to accomplish anything on the pitch and in life. What is it? Find out in this next episode where I force you to dig deep, get clear on your values, and find meaning with who you wish to be.

Episode 11: What To Do When You’re Injured

Injuries suck. No one wants to be sidelined and watch the rest of the squad training and having fun and going hard. However, in order to truly heal and come back stronger, you have to analyze what has been causing you pain, and tweak accordingly. This episode discusses several ways to heal yourself, and how to outsource to a professional to come back better than you were prior to injury. It’s not enough to be pain free. How are you adjusting your life so you can return to the pitch more explosive, more powerful and stronger than ever before?

Episode 12: Controlling What You Can to Thrive

This week’s guest, Darien Pyka, is a total powerhouse. She played college soccer at the Division 1 level, and now is the strength and conditioning coach at University of Southern California. Her coaching philosophy revolves around building the female athlete as a human first, and ensuring she moves well, nourishes, and manages stress so she can be the most powerful and strongest expression of herself in her athletic pursuits.


Episode 13: Taking the Time and Making Speed Training a Priority with Mike Whiteman

This week’s guest, Mike Whiteman, is the performance coach of the Riverhounds Academy, working with hundreds of youth female athletes on speed, strength and power development. He discusses why it’s important for the young girl to master efficient body movement first during the critical years of growth, and then how she can progress into a lightning speed athlete as she goes through high school and beyond.


Episode 14: Exercises You Can Do For Your Speed

I am back for a solo episode! This week, I discuss how simple it is to get fast on your own time, no strength coach needed. I give you my main movements you should do daily and weekly to work on your strength, as well develop your muscle memory with speed technique. Speed is a skill that takes thousands of brush strokes, for several years, so you can create more force when you are sprinting, especially as you mature throughout your career. These movements can be done at home on your own time so when you hit the pitch, you are able to undergo higher velocity movements with ease.

Episode 15: Thriving, Rather Than Surviving Through Uncertainty

Life isn’t easy. There is going to be stress, discomfort and uncertainty. Year 2020 has been a tough one, but not everyone saw it that way. There were those who embraced the suck and leveled up this year. Did you become better, or did you crack under pressure? Some people simply survived, while others thrived.

Episode 16: You Better Have Thick Skin, Queen with Gena Bradshaw

Gena Bradshaw is a performance coach to young athletes, and trainer to adult clients who want to live life strong, resilient and confident. She’s a 2x cancer survivor, former collegiate track athlete, business owner of Bradshaw Personal Fitness, model and total boss. She has hers hands in many projects, and she discusses how to have thick skin in a competitive and uncertain world. This episode is all about empowering yourself and doing the things that make you feel the most confident and beautiful in your own skin.

Episode 17: Discomfort Is Where You Grow with Renee Washington

Renee Washington is a 3x All-American, former Division I soccer player, host of Beyond the Headlines podcast, as well as reporter and analyst with ESPN and Fox Sports, covering the Washington Mystics and Washington Wizards. She has also been an anchor for the men’s professional soccer team, Philadelphia Union where she hosts pre-game, halftime and post-game shows. She discusses the grit she learned from playing at a high level, and how she has taken her resilient mindset into her career in a cutthroat industry. Renee is a force to be reckoned with!

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