The Soccer Queens Podcast is a show dedicated to empowering young female athletes, building them into strong women, and inspiring them to live with confidence and purpose. I interview coaches who are walking the walk, practicing what they preach, and who are encouraging girls to find their gems. step into their power, and excel on the pitch and off.


Episode 1: You Better Work, Queen

A lot of people think I have some big secret on my athletic and professional success. Whether you’re an athlete who wants to play Division 1 or professionally, or become the best version of yourself on the pitch and off, you have to put in the good old-fashioned hard work. To become a high performer, you have to put in the reps day in and day out, lean into discomfort, tackle failure with tenacity, and continue the lifelong pursuit of leveling up, as an athlete and human. You better work, Queen.


Episode 2: The Hard Truth About Leveling Up

Leveling up on the pitch means optimizing all components of performance – from physical training, to stress management and recovery, to nutrition, to sleep, to relationships, to purpose, to community – in order to be your best self and show up empowered and resilient, you must take inventory of these seven pieces. The hard truth is being relentlessly consistent with being aware of your weaknesses, analyzing where you fall short, and taking the daily actions steps to improve. To become your best on the pitch and off, it’s time to be strict with yourself and get out of old habits that weren’t serving you.