Erica suter

Youth Female Athlete Speed and Strength Coach

Step Up Your Coaching Game

Learn To Train Young Female Athletes

Be more competitive

with a coaching specialty that’s growing in demand

Make an impact

by preparing your students for success in life and sports

Produce top athletes

with a holistic method designed for young females

Young female athletes face unique challenges in high level sports.

As a coach, you have a great responsibility.

Your job is to help them reach the next level, while at the same time protecting them from injury during a vulnerable growth phase.

It can be an intimidating task––if you don’t know how!

My 1-on-1 mentorship program will give you the specialized skills and knowledge to train young females, so you can feel confident in your ability to produce powerful athletes that have what it takes to succeed.

It will teach you to:

  • Train female athletes through a holistic training model
  • Sharpen your coaching on speed, agility and strength training
  • Use change of direction technique and speed mechanics for improved player performance
  • Teach your female athletes proper exercise form
  • Keep your female athletes healthy year-round
  • Learn how to build culture and make training fun
  • Understand nutritional needs and menstrual cycle training for young girls
  • Learn growth and maturation and adjusting your training to keep the young girl resilient

You’ll get access to:

  • Bi-weekly one-hour Zoom calls with me
  • My private facebook community
  • Unlimited access to texts and emails with me
  • My exclusive phone app workout program with speed, agility and strength training

Monthly Cost: $625/month

Special Offer: Pay for one year up-front
get one month FREE: $6,875

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