You’re Not That Busy: No One Cares About Your “Hustle”

You’re Not That Busy: No One Cares About Your “Hustle”

“I’m sorry I’ve been so busy.”

Have you heard these words uttered before? From a friend? Colleague? Significant other?

If you’re a human into today’s world, I’d argue yes.

Nowadays, it seems everyone is so damn busy. Gone are the days when we met up with people in person, clocked out on the weekends, told our boss “fuck off” “I need a day off,” replied to an email NOT in 1.5 seconds, and drove an hour to see a friend…in person.


Now enter the days when we slave away on the weekends, when we remain afraid to ask our boss for a break, when we reply to a text within 1.5 seconds, and when we are not capable of seeing a friend who lives 5 minutes down the road.

People are just busy.

While I’ve always been a hard worker and currently live a “busy” life, I find this whole “I’m too busy” thing bullshit.

Now forgive my harsh tone right off the bat, but when I think of true busy-ness, here’s what comes to mind:

– A nurse working a 12 hour shift in the cancer unit.
– Rick fighting a herd of zombies in Walking Dead.
– Gary V working 100 hours a week.
– Frodo hiking 200,000 miles to Mount Doom to destroy the Ring of Power.
– Beyonce touring the world.

You’re not that busy.

You’re not Beyonce either, sorry.

Funny enough, I see the idea of “busy” all the time in the fitness industry. People broadcast their hustle on social media, how they trained 20 clients in one day, how they #neverstoplearning and attended 10 workshops in a week, how they read every self help and business book by Brenee Brown and Gary V, how they got up at 5am to train clients, and how they wrote programs while filing taxes.

Everyone stop. Just stop.

You’re not that busy.

And newsflash: being busy, let alone shouting it to the world, doesn’t get you a gold star, nor does it get you laid by a hot girl.

Which reminds me: a sure fire way to NOT get laid…is to be busy.

*mic drop*

Now none of this is to say get complacent, not work hard, and let your career slip through your fingers. I’ll always be the first to applaud hard work and professional growth. Personally, I have times when I “grind” and “hustle.” But I don’t let them eat me alive.

Sometimes, you have to rise above the chaos.

You’re not that busy.

And if you are (or THINK you are) here’s what to do:

1.) Stop telling people how busy you are.

As mentioned before, no one cares about your shit show of a life. Moreover, telling people how busy you are is an act of being ostentatious more than anything.

And you know what?

I’m tired of seeing these memes splashed across my Instagram feed:

I have an idea: instead of posting “hustle” memes, why don’t you get out into the world and make shit happen? #hustle #huntgoals

Not only that, please spare us the photos of your book stash with Power of Now, The Power of Habit, Crush It, The 4-Hour Work Week, and all that jazz.

No one cares.

Also, please spare us the Facebook status about your 12 hour day. Are you really that busy that you had time to compose a status about how busy you are?

Fuck outta here.

2.) Manage your time and energy.

Now to offer a real, actionable solution: manage your damn time. More importantly, manage your energy.

As an example, say you have clients from 7am-noon, then 3-7pm. Instead of taking your lunch break to peruse social media, post an inspirational meme, and reply to text messages, turn off your phone and chill the F out.

You know, take an actual lunch break to regroup.

In fact, go get a beer.

This way, you come back to your afternoon clients with energy and passion and focus.

Oh, and creativity. ;-O

That reminds me: an awesome book I read on managing your energy is The Power of Full Engagement.

What I liked most about this book is, it goes into how humans only have the capacity to perform quality, focused work for about a couple hours. Then, they need to refresh. To that end, you can’t always be a ubiquitous butterfly.

If you want more actionable solutions on helping your energy levels in lieu of a hectic scheudle, add this book to your stash and give it a read. But just don’t post about it. ;-O

3.) Make time for what you value.

Too often I see life passing people by in the name of busy-ness. They say no to friend hangouts, parties, activities, adventures, travels, and good times.

And while I get we need to make a living, what do you value more than money? If you said relationships, connections, and experiences, you’re onto something.

Don’t get me wrong though: I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. I’m here to serve as an impetus for you to think deeply about what you care about most. I’m here to offer a new perspective. I’m here to challenge your paradigm.

Decide what you value and make time for THAT.

And hey, if you value working all the time like Gary V, that’s cool too. I can’t change your behavior. And what’s your truth, is not always my truth.

But maybe, just maybe, you’ll change your mind, I don’t know. I’m not too worried about it.

So there you go.

You’re not that busy.

And excuse me for calling you out, but if you had the time to read the length of this article, you’re not that busy.

Thank you and hope it helped


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