You Can’t Go Wrong with Getting Strong

You Can’t Go Wrong with Getting Strong

Newsflash: I don’t just train soccer players.

Several years ago when I began as a fitness professional, I spent a good chunk of my early career training a diverse palette of clients – from adults, to senior citizens, to soccer moms, to Tough Mudder athletes, to recreational athletes, to beer league athletes, to badass high schoolers (non athletes) who wanted to beast out:

And now due to popular interest, I’ve picked it back up, both in-person and online.

You see, I love the excitement my soccer athletes bring to my life. Admittedly, I am always on my toes, anticipating the crazy shenanigans we’re going to get into during our workouts.

I mean come on: we’re either deadlifting while jamming to electronic remixes of Taylor Swift, or running conditioning while wearing heart rate monitors where I can see into their souls, or doing cartwheels as an agility warm-up, or performing 25 pound chin-ups for shits and gigs:

There’s never a dull moment, no doubt. Being a soccer performance coach has pushed me to innovate in a tremendous amount of ways, and has continued to show me the progressions and challenges people are capable of attacking for the long haul. With that said, it’s been a long, rewarding 7 years of no bull shit.

And I can say the same for my personal training clients.

I look at them and marvel at their feats of strength and fitness just as much as my soccer athletes. And you know what? For the most part, I train them like athletes because my philosophy is everyone is capable of badass-ery.

What amazes me the most about my personal training clients, too, is their intense commitment to strength training.

After all, I preach it and can’t help but be so incredibly grateful for my clients, who have sought me out, resonated with my message, trusted a female coach with a side ponytail and bow legs, and absolutely crushed shit:

After all these years of training, I’ve reached a profound revelation in my career.

No, it’s not Jon Snow is hands down the sexiest man on the planet.

No, it’s not planet Earth is an insane asylum.

No, it’s not everything I’m saying is an illusion.

No, it’s not fluent profanity should be taught in schools.



You can’t go wrong with getting strong.

Not only does strength build major resiliency, it lifts people up to endless levels of confidence, both physically and mentally.

And I guess…it increases tricep sexiness by 10%:

And it leads to booty gains:

You can’t go wrong with getting strong.

Of course, this is all glossing over the tip of the iceberg.

In addition to all of this, let’s get scientific. Strength training does several magical things:

– improves joint health
– increase bone density
– boosts metabolism
– improves heart health
– reduces chance of injury
– improves tissue durability
– improves body composition

Speaking of body composition, I recently had a female personal training client ask me a question as basic as a girl on her cell phone in yoga pants and Uggs at Starbuck’s:

“Will strength training make me bulky?”

It’s a basic question in fitness, but I gladly answered it by grabbing a pair of 50 pound dumbbells, lying on a flat bench, and pressing them for 10 reps, then saying: “Am I bulky?”

Sorry, sorry…was that too aggressive?

This isn’t to say people won’t gain muscle mass from strength training.

They will.

But I think we should be paying more attention to the many benefits before we jump to conclusions about bursting out of our tees due to burly biceps.

Unless you do a million reverse curls followed by 3 chipotle burritos, you won’t get that big.

You can’t go wrong with getting strong.

If you want to take your physical as well as mental health to the next level – and I’m talking like floating-on-a-cloud-feeling-like-you’re-divine next level – I urge you to start strength training.

It’s that powerful, folks.

Anyway, I’m super ecstatic to be back in the midst of personal training. Considering most of you live far from me, I’m opening up limited spots to work with me online.

What you’ll get:

– Weekly check ins
– 4 weeks of progressive training 2-4x a week
– Workout timing catered to your schedule
– Free consultation
– Free talks about life, movies, and whatever the fuck
– Videos of me coaching form
– Videos of me correcting your form (I’m watching!)
– Free hugs (only if you visit Baltimore, Maryland)

You can get the process started by going here. Drop me a line on your needs/goals, an inspirational quote, or a pop culture joke. Let’s crush this together.

Oh, and always remember: you can’t go wrong with getting strong.

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