Why Not Every Fit Pro Should Write

Why Not Every Fit Pro Should Write

Back in college, the papers I aced were the ones I dazzled with creative analogies, offbeat metaphors, rich diction, and dynamic sentence structure.

I used a diverse palette of prepositional phrases that connected my sentences, sucked in my readers, and captivated my professors from start to finish.

They actually read my shit. Word-for-word.

But what’s crazy was, half of my writing was pure brilliance, the other half, pure bullshit.

For this reason, I consider myself a true writer.

I had the ability to turn shit into gold with my prose, and make the most bland subjects sound dope.

What’s more was, I was filled with life every time I connected words to tell a story. Even with the most boring topics, I was infused with a crazy adrenaline rush at the challenge of making them sound magical.

After all, there’s something about the power of words and speaking to a reader in a bewitching way that amplifies my soul and makes me want to climb Mount Everest butt ass naked.


I love writing that much.

Too, I’d be remiss not to mention I rarely get writer’s block. Never do I run out of things to say, and for someone who is a self-proclaimed introvert, I sure say a lot, averaging around 800-1,000 words for every article I publish on this blog.

Okay, okay.

Enough about my bombastic writing life.

So what about you? Do you even write, bro?

Let alone, do you even enjoy it?

So why am I writing this article?

Considering I’m in the midst of the abyss of the fitness industry, the first piece of advice masterminds give is, “hey! You should write!”

It’s almost as if writing is the end-all-be-all in fitness, otherwise you’ll fail as a private sector trainer and not be heard amongst the fluff.

Want my advice?

No, you don’t have to write to grow your business.

Truthfully, I feel not everyone is cut out for it either. And more often than not, a lot of these trainers don’t even ENJOY writing.

What a disgrace to the practice so near and dear to my heart. To Stephen King’s heart. To Shakespeare’s heart. To Emerson’s heart. How. Dare. You.



But seriously…

Here are some things I hear from colleagues about writing:

“Ugh, I need to blog more.”

“Ugh, I need to post an article this week.”

“Ugh, I haven’t been consistent with blogging.”

Since I love actionable steps, here’s your problem: you don’t love writing.

Here’s you solution: don’t write.

Now this isn’t to say don’t create content at all. Given the amount of noise blasting across the fitness industry, you do need to do something to stand out.

Perhaps you’re good at video content creation. Perhaps you’re good at designing info-graphics. Perhaps you’re good at Tweeting. Perhaps you’re good at Instagram live-ing.

Whatever it is, you’ll know soon enough what 1) breathes life into you and 2) what does NOT feel like a downright cluster fuck of a drag.

Not every fit pro should write.

And your business will not fail if you don’t choose this path.

Yes, writing is a stellar outlet to discuss niche topics, go into detail on subjects, and attract a loyal audience.

But the best business plan is to avoid doing something you hate altogether. As an example, I’d rather watch paint dry than create Instagram info-graphics with stick figures and shapes and research study bullet points. Not for me because I love writing too much.


Even if you love writing, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at it and should do it.

If, however, you want to persist with your writing pursuits because you have a zest for it, then keep going. The best writing happens when you don’t give up.

And who knows, 5 years from now, you’ll have a body of work under your belt and the ability to spit out 1,000 word articles while jerking off and drinking craft beer.

So keep writing. Don’t give up. I promise you it will improve.

And for those of you who abhor it, don’t bother.

Writing hates you too.

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