Why Life Coaching Is BS

Why Life Coaching Is BS

Once in a blue moon, I’ll dabble in life coaching advice. Not because I’m a life coach, but rather, the topics of spirituality, mindset, and motivation breathe life into me.

When it comes to life coaching, it’s not a one-dimensional approach, as each human requires an intricate puzzle to solve a certain problem.

It’s similar to weight loss: depending on the individual’s goals, there needs to be a unique approach. Perhaps one person wants to increase their 20-yard sprint time. If they’re more of a power athlete, perhaps they need to increase their strength. And if they’re more of a strength athlete, perhaps they need to increase their power.

That’s how everything in life works, after all.

Life coaching, to that end, is complex. And I like to sprinkle in these types of articles because the human condition is so fascinating and needs to be peeled back like an onion.

It’s also worth mentioning that I’m selfish.

I write life coaching pieces for myself, and with all due respect, they aren’t about you.

A part of me wants to vent about my own personal issues, and emotionally project my life on this online outlet. However, the byproduct of all that is people actually relate to what I’m saying.

So as selfish as these articles are, I’m changing lives.

Not by intention, but I suppose this happens as a result of my Freudian free association.

I suppose the secret’s out: if you read between the lines of my life coaching articles, you can discern that most of this has to do with me.

So this begs the question: is life coaching *really* about you?

Or are life coaches trying to make you think you have issues you can’t solve on your own?

It’s disorienting, I know.

An average Joe can become a life coach in a split second. And charge $1,000 a month for it.

So do you really think your life coach is helping you to help you? Or are they projecting their advice onto you as a defense mechanism to their own toxic patterns?

And this is why, as a fitness professional, I don’t sell life coaching services.

Not only does it go against my integrity, but I’m so self aware that I know I’d be giving advice that’s rooted from my own behavior.

With that said, I stick to the free blog articles.

They’re fun.

They’re honest.

They’re thought provoking.

They’re genuine.

But I guess, they propel people to rethink their lives.

Of course, I never plan any of this…it just happens.

Of course, I digress.

Never will I claim myself as a life coach for several reasons:

1. It’s NOT my expertise. I’m a soccer performance coach.
2. It’s NOT my place to tell someone how to live as a soccer performance coach.
3. It’s NOT my place to charge money to someone when the answers lie within them.

Expounding further, life and spiritual coaches lurk on the internet like a herd of zombies from Walking Dead waiting to catch prey.

And money.

I’ve had this discussion with a colleague before, but pseuo-spirtual people are absolute bullshit with their ethereal, holy prose:

“Just be present.”

“Connect to the source.”

“Quiet your mind.”

“Stay rooted.”

Ummm, what the do these soundbites even mean?

As outlandish as this sounds, here’s one more mind blow for you: true spirituality isn’t about finding the answers from some pseudo-spiritual coach…but from yourself.

Let me ask you this: if the zombie apocalypse erupted tomorrow, would you be able to approach it with tenacity by yourself?

True spirituality is trusting yourself you can handle when adversity strikes.

True spirituality is leaning into the depressing times and making it out of the rubble alive and stronger than before.

True spirituality is knowing you may not ever get ALL the answers.

True spirituality is relying on YOURSELF.

True spirituality is realizing only you control your next move.

And true spirituality is you taking action in your own life.

Life coaching is bs.

Go coach yourself. Take action. And get back to me.

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  • Adam Šljivo
    Posted at 09:01h, 30 December Reply

    Great article Erica. I totally agree that most of life coaching business is a BS.

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