Why I’m Taking A Hiatus from Blogging: Athletes Are Under Construction

Why I’m Taking A Hiatus from Blogging: Athletes Are Under Construction

Off-season training is still going strong on my end.

The athletes at the JDyer Strength and Conditioning facility have been training since end of May, and we’ve been going IN 4-5x a week of strength, speed, agility and conditioning training.

Truthfully, off-season training is my favorite time of year because of the commendable commitment from the athletes. I marvel at their hard work, dedication, and passion toward fitness during this critical time of year to improve performance.

Not every athlete understands the importance of off-season training, and how strength needs to be given a priority over skills camps.

I may eat my own words on this, but fuck it. Strength and conditioning should be #1 on the list in the summer.


Now that we’re in August, a couple things are happening:

1. I look like I went through a battle with the White Walkers.
2. My athletes look like they went through a battle with the White Walkers.
3. But we’re all feeling as confident as Jon Snow being named King of the North.

Going into fall season, we’re all feeling extra confident about the level of athleticism, strength, power, speed, and endurance.

Put simply, “fall is coming.”

Are you ready?

Once off-season winds down, I will be back to a more consistent blogging schedule.

I’ve been too busy preparing everyone that my creative side had to be put on the back burner.

Totally okay.

Keeping this conversation even more transparent, athletes go “under construction” during the summer.

It’s a long few months of working up to heavy deadlifts, sled sprint training, contrast training, and weighted pull-ups.

Girls included:

We go hard.

And so do I.

With that said, athletes are still under construction.

Off-season ain’t over yet. And it’s my mission to finish this productive summer strong so everyone is ready for in-season.

So, I’ll be back soon, blogging world. Stay tuned.

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