Who Is Fitsoccerqueen?

Who Is Fitsoccerqueen?


Maybe it sounds like a hype name.

Or an AOL screen name.

Or a marketing game.

Or my made-up name.

And yes, I meant to open this blog with a rhyme. ;-O

If you follow me on social media, my handles are all @fitsoccerqueen. Perhaps it sounds like a pompous persona, or perhaps it sounds like an accurate reflection of who I am.

I don’t give a fuck what you think.

Okay, okay. It’s the latter: a manifestation of who I am.

You see, I developed the concept of Fitsoccerqueen because it’s a culmination of the contrasting sides of my essence. It showcases my hardcore, yet elegant being. My powerful, yet compassionate heart. My logical, yet creative mind. My badass side, yet my empathetic side. My strengths, yet my weaknesses. My athleticism, yet my goddess nature.

That’s who Fitsoccerqueen is: a mess of contrasting emotions, personas, personalities, and quirks.

One day, I’m hard on my athletes and call people out on their crap and motivates, drills, and corrects with meticulousness.

The other day, I’m the empath to my athletes who comforts people on their problems, weaknesses, and doubts.

One day, I’ll say, “you’re dragging you’re fucking feet.”

The other day, I’ll say, “who’s your favorite Pokemon? Oh, and make sure you’re keeping your feet explosive for this drill.”

And personally speaking, one day, I’m deadlifting 1.5x my bodyweight.

And the other day, I’m getting dolled up.

One day, I’m sweating bullets on the pitch in shorts and a t-shirt.

The other day, I’m feeling myself and dressed to like a super model.

To give you all a secret, I know arguably more about the fashion industry than the soccer performance industry.

Don’t get me wrong, I nerd out on all things exercise science, functional training for soccer, and technical training, and I’ve done my fair share of education to get to this point (Master’s, coaching licenses, strength and conditioning certs, etc), but I know just as much about the fashion world – like where Gigi Hadid is at 2:00PM on a Sunday afternoon, which Victoria’s Secret models got called back for the fashion show, and what clients are snagging Bella Hadid.

I’m weird, yo.

But I embrace my hardcore, yet feminine style.

Hence, the birth of Fitsoccerqueen.

She’s someone who has a heart as cold as a White Walker, yet as warm as a family room fire on Christmas morning.

She’s someone who has the strength of Wonder Woman taking over the world, yet the vulnerability of a man expressing his feelings on a first date.

She’s someone who has the badass-ness, yet the elegance to know when to be tough and when to love.

She’s someone who plans every training session like an OCD freak show, yet someone who improvises sessions on the fly.

She’s someone with a sharp logical mind, yet whacky creative mind.

She’s someone who drops F bombs, yet eloquent words in her prose.

She’s someone who can coach the shit out of boys AND girls players.

That’s Fitsoccerqueen.

With that said, I give permission myself to embody both the masculine and feminine of my essence.

I give myself permission to do pull-ups with a French manicure.

I give myself permission to be hard on my athletes, then come back with heartfelt words.

I give myself permission to be be stoic as fuck, then cry to my college athletes when they head off to school.

I give myself permission to put on mascara before I coach the heck out of a group of athletes.

I give myself permission to be fit and sweat for a living, yet a be a fucking queen and empower athletes for a living.

That’s Fitsoccerqueen. <3

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