What Workout Program Works Best?

What Workout Program Works Best?

As a fitness professional, I’m always “on-the-clock” when it comes to shelling out advice. Whether this is for family, friends, or random people on the internet, I’m addicted to being available and helpful.

I will get questions like:

Erica, what exercise targets my long head triceps?
Erica, do I have to consume a protein shake 15.79 minutes after the winter solstice to take advantage of my anabolic window?
Erica, what workout program is most likely to get me laid on the first date?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m absolutely grateful when people come to me for advice. In my opinion, the fitness industry is about connecting, helping, and empowering.

Suffice it to say, when I’m “off-the-clock” from coaching, I’m still giving advice. Even when I’m on a mountain snowboarding, I’m replying to text messages. Even when I’m watching the most epic dragon battle scene in Game of Thrones, I’m texting someone back about carpal tunnel syndrome. No big deal.

As much as I love helping others, there are rare times when I would rather have a dragon breathe fire on me than reply to a text.

Last night while I was lying in my bed at 10:00PM basking in the solace of meditation, and snuggling with my life size teddy bear, my friend messaged me…to see if I approved of her new workout program.

My first reaction:

After that, I replied.

In fact, I replied with the most pumpkin-spice-white-girl-who-wears-Uggs-with-oversized-sweaters-and-yoga-pants advice ever. Yes, it was THAT basic:

Do a workout program that you can stick with for the long haul.

Boom. That’s the best one, folks.

Sure, it’s far from sexy. Boring and anti-climatic, actually.

And I sure as hell hope my friend wasn’t expecting me to spit out every method of periodization with peer-reviewed references and go off on a tangent about the science of actin and myosin and muscle sarcomeres during eccentric training. I wasn’t feeling “extensive,” if you will.

So yeah, the best workout program is one you can adhere to consistently.

As basic as this sounds, I give myself props for the underlying genius of this advice.

Of course, there’s a plethora of information out there on the benefits of periodized strength training, high intensity conditioning, sports, steady state cardio, and functional training.

Newsflash: it all works. And I’d be remiss not to mention that yoga works, especially in terms of parasympathetic nervous system activation, which should not be ignored when it comes to fat loss.

There, I said it. Yoga works. Laugh it up, why don’t you. Also, science.

As long as you’re enjoying and staying with a consistent schedule, there’s your best program.

I wrote an extensive article entitled Exercise Can Feel However You Want It To Feel – shedding light on the various forms of moving our bodies, and finding the best ways to empower ourselves.

Maybe you enjoy bodybuilding. Maybe you enjoy heavy lifting. Maybe you enjoy yoga coupled with strength training. Maybe you enjoy running. Maybe you enjoy golfing. Maybe you enjoy pull ups. Or maybe you enjoy torturing yourself with circuits at 95% of your heart rate max.

Wonderful. You’re doing yourself a service by practicing a form of exercise you’re passionate about, or can have a relationship with for a long period of time.

It’s also worth mentioning that it’s okay to be malleable with your programs. Perhaps one month, you consistently stay with a structured strength training program, while another month when you’re busy with life stressors, you consistently show up to the gym to freestyle and do shit for the sake of doing shit.

All good in my book.

As long as you’re moving in some capacity consistently, that’s the best program for you.

No quick fixes. No magic pills. No bullshit.

  • Tommy
    Posted at 00:52h, 22 August Reply

    Well said, keeping moving and do what you enjoy, it all works if you are consistent with some sort of strengthening and cardio, mix it up but stay consistent 3-4 times a week. Results will happen, and you can get out of shape much quicker by not doing anything.

    • erica
      Posted at 01:00h, 22 August Reply

      Tommy, you’re absolutely right. Fuel and move your body. It’s that simple! 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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