What TomorrowWorld Taught me About Fitness

What TomorrowWorld Taught me About Fitness

A rave I went to last year provided me with some of the most groundbreaking realizations in terms of my own personal fitness. Not Muscle magazine. Not P90x creator Tony Horton. Not Jillian Michaels high intensity training. Not the Tone It Up girls. Not a Registered Dietician. A FREAKING RAVE did it. You know…where people dress as power rangers, animals, astronauts, fairies, unicorns, and whatever the hell they want and jump up and down with glow sticks and sunglasses? That kinda thing. And in this case, I dressed up as Wonder Woman. You betcha I learned some revolutionary life lessons! And for once, this ain’t my sarcasm speaking. This is real life. It actually happened.

And the insights I gained from TomorrowWorld, one of the biggest festivals in our country, are what I share with clients and people looking to lead a more balanced fitness lifestyle. Because my story manifests the true struggles of balancing looking good and partying your face off without totally losing yourself. It’s real. It’s honest. It’s more relatable than telling someone cheat meals are bad because of some scientific evidence. Or saying a bodybuilding clean diet is the ONLY way to achieve fat loss. I want to speak YOUR language, so I’m going to hit you with some honest stuff that we all can learn from.

So without further ado, first, let me define Tomorrow World via this video (ugh, the nostalgia is kicking in):


Pretty much, this is one of America’s biggest raves, with over 60,000 people storming the campgrounds of Chattahoochee Hills near Atlanta, Georgia with neon colors, glitter, LED lights, alcohol, questionable substances (come on, it’s our generation’s Woodstock…there’s no hiding anything here!), electronic dance music, over 7 stages, swimming pools, ferris wheels, carnival food vendors. In a nutshell, it’s an even more magical version of Disneyworld…for adults. But on another level of awesomeness.

Now for another level of awesomness, I was *just* four weeks out from my bikini show when I booked my ticket to this madness. It’s awesome because a vacation four weeks out from a show is a BIG NO-NO. Okay, maybe it wasn’t awesome….DARING is a better way to put it! Of course, I did have my doubts – being anxious and uncomfortable of losing control of my meal and training prep, backlashing the entire process, steering far, far away from my intense focus. I can’t cook in my own kitchen? Or have access to the right workout equipment? Or sleep in my own bed 7-9 hours to lower my cortisol levels and burn fat the proper way? Or workout three times a day with two hours of cardio and an hour lift? The fact I would have to ignore a lot of the details in my plan terrified me. But if any of you know my dynamic personality, I like to live on the egde. So I still went to TomorrowWorld. I up and left. I went for it in that moment.


Yes, that’s a bra made of candy. 🙂 

To my surprise, the whole experience was an impetus for some serious self-discovery and how to live a truly, happy fitness life. I could’ve spent my weekend worrying. I could’ve prepped my meals at the campsite. I could’ve measured my water intake. I could’ve been that freak working out while everyone else was raging until sunrise. I could’ve done posing practice in front of my tent while everyone else was passed out on their death beds of sleeping bags and crushed beer cans. I could’ve turned down every sip of alcohol offered to me and the delectable fried Oreos vendor. But I didn’t. I chose to embrace the moment right there. My friend handed me a beer and I took a sip. I was hungry for some greasy carnival food, so I crushed it.

And with all of this, I learned to not take my show too seriously. Or fitness in and of itself. It was just a show. It was just a temporary training plan. And TomorrowWorld was the EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME. I was not going to ruin the entirety of the TomorrowWorld spectacle which included 36 hours of positive energy and dancing for just maybe looking a little better for ONLY FIVE seconds on stage.

Balanced fitness is truly a journey with bumps along the road, decisions that need to be made in the present moment based on your needs at hand, and the big picture perspective, and then getting back on track when need be. We can only go so long with depriving, or not having a social life, or avoiding certain eating/drinking situations to protect our physiques, until we lose sanity and rebound HARD.

Now I’m not saying you have to go to a rave to gain some clarity. Although, I do recommend TomorrowWorld to anyone in their mid twenties trying to figure life out OR who deeply desires 36 hours of cardio straight (at least I got my cardio in…take that competition prep!). 🙂

Really, I want to inspire others to still journey out of their comfort zones and not downplay their social lives for the sake of looking good 24/7. Life happens. Parties happen. Raves happen. TomorrowWorld happens. It’s better to live in the moment and not take yourself too seriously. The rest will work itself out.


A proud bikini competitor and raver. 

I ended up placing top 15 out of 40 at my first show ever. I still stepped on stage, I still presented a lean, sculpted body to the best of my ability, I still walked in front of the judges with a newfound confidence. And in that very moment, with the stage lights shining on me, I replayed TomorrowWorld in my head and laughed in my own mind ‘Can’t believe I was reckless enough to rave like that. But glad I did. These judges have nooooo idea!’ I then smiled cheek to cheek at the judges, a smile that was so proud that I found the perfect blend of happiness and fitness throughout prep. And then, I stepped off stage with the biggest feeling of accomplishment I felt in my entire life. And the inevitable post-show biggest piece of S’mores cheesecake to top off the celebration. 🙂



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