A Word on Weight Loss for Moms

A Word on Weight Loss for Moms

If you’re expecting this post to go into detail about magical mommy weight loss methods, toning workouts, cellulite creams, stretch mark solutions, or a full PDF download of workouts post pregnancy…you’re an idiot. Because surprise! I’m not the typical fitness professional who hammers weight loss, fat burning, or counting macros. Rather, my wheelhouse is positive mindset training.

With that, today’s post is a more unique, special shoutout to all of the moms out there, with a powerful body image message to be shared, per usual. 😉

Recently, I got lunch with one of my girlfriends who just became a mother of an adorable little munchkin. I was endeared to hear about her attachment to her little one and the fulfilling journey of being a newly wholehearted mother. Our conversation centered around breastfeeding techniques, how big her boobs have gotten (they look damn good, might I add), and of course, weight loss post pregnancy. As a fitness professional, here’s the absolute honest truth: weight loss has become a topic I tend to avoid. Call me a bad trainer, or perhaps recognize it’s not because I don’t care…it’s just not a priority I tend to iron out for my clients or myself. Especially for mothers, weight loss is at the centerfold of our worlds, whether we are heavily exposed to it through mainstream media with triumphant celebrity mom weight loss stories, or harassed by network marketing cleanses.

To my surprise, my friend told me since she had her baby, she has been blitzed by network marketers via Facebook messenger and phone calls trying to sell her shake cleanses, weight loss solution packs, and even body wraps that apparently magically shrink fat and remove cellulite. Why? Because she was in their target market of “moms wanting to lose weight.” Talk about a vulnerable, niche market that fitness companies can exploit to make some serious cash. They’re moms, so now they must lose weight. Right?

After hearing this, I was offended for my friend and apologized for how my industry has turned into a complete shit show of insensitive people trying to make money and build a brand by playing to others’ insecurities and fears. But when my friend genuinely confessed, “Erica, losing weight is actually NOT my priority now. I am focused on being a good mom. Not fixing my physique,” my mind was put at ease with her positive perspective. I was amazed that she shifted her focus from weight loss to being the mother her child deserves.

And that’s what it’s all about. When we take a step back, it’s a little fucked up that fitness companies take advantage of the mom population. As if women aren’t insecure enough about their body images, why poke at the moms who are hustling, taking on the major burden of raising a child? Or who are so preoccupied with their children’s lives trying to get by and keep things under control? Or who want to go above and beyond and provide their child with the best life possible? Healthy weight loss for moms is good in my book if that’s what makes people feel better and energized, but marketing drastic measures to moms who are breastfeeding, oscillating in hormonal levels and sleeping patterns, is this all really safe?  Do these marketers even know what’s *best* for these women, or if it’s even their primary goal to immediately lose weight after having a kid? It’s almost like someone losing their virginity and then getting harassed by abstinence groups over the phone telling them to join a cult and repent their sins. No one wants to hear that shit! Too harsh of an analogy?

Moving on…

I commend my friend for her devotion to being the best mother she can be and not being a selfish woman who is so attuned to superficiality she forgets what’s truly important in life. And for all of the moms out there, this is a mindset that takes great practice. Ask yourself: what will you want to remember about your early mom years? Fixating on weight loss, or nurturing your baby to the fullest and putting yourself second for once? Truly, this is the time to embrace the natural ebb and flow other motherhood and live in the moment. Enjoy the process, love your child, and be the best mom you can be. That’s what will matter for many years to come. <3

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