Total Youth Soccer Fitness Online Coaching

If you don't have the pleasure of training with me in person and hearing my jokes or me talk about nerdy Lord of the Rings references, then no need to worry. This soccer strength and conditioning program is just for you to execute on your own.

Whatever your goals are, whether that is preparing for college, making your high school team, and I don't know, preparing to fight off zombies, I got you covered.

And one of my favorite professionals in the industry is joining me: Coach Dave Gleason.

What you will get from this program: video call check-ins twice a month, 4 week outline of 2-3x a week strength training, as well as 2x a week conditioning, sprint work, and recovery workouts. The physical component of soccer is tremendously important for taking your game to the next level, reducing chance of injury, and becoming more confident on the pitch.

Join Coach Dave Gleason and myself in this comprehensive, engaging and energizing online soccer performance program.

We will hold athletes accountable for their workouts, motivate them with mental skills training insights, and provide a supportive community of other young athletes looking to be better on and off the field.


Price: $500/month

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Soccer Program Videos

Features and Benefits


  • Customized program based on your performance goals and needs
  • Bi-weekly video group check-ins with Coach Erica and Dave and other athletes in the program
  • Complementary program "tweaking" with exercise progressions/regressions
  • Access exercise technique videos from Coach Erica and Dave
  • Ongoing physical and emotional support from Coach Erica and Dave
  • Bi-weekly individual video call with Coach Erica and Dave


  • Forget the "one size fits all" approach
  • Personalized coaching and guidance from a Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Improved athleticism, sport performance, and injury reduction
  • Improve body composition
  • Increased confidence when stepping on the field

What People Are Saying

Our daughter has been working with Erica for about 6 months. In just a short amount of time she has helped her grow her soccer skills AND her confidence has sky rocketed. This has helped her grow both on and off the field. Erica provides a great role model for our 13 year old at a very critical point in her life. Erica is very knowledgeable and I love how she teaches girls that strength, agility and conditioning are an important part of their development as an athlete.

Lena has been working with Erica for over 2 years now both individually as well as with her team. She always enjoys the sessions & has become not only physically stronger, but technically better as well. Erica varies her workouts & caters them to each individual & team. She's also been a huge help to our family when we've had questions about recruiting, etc... My only complaint is that she doesn't live closer to us or we would use her even more often.

My daughter has been training with Coach Erica for almost four years. Quickly my daughters confidence (on and off the pitch) and focus increased. Just knowing she had someone (not her Dad) with which to discuss soccer and fitness workouts was helpful. Over time, my daughters strength, fitness, endurance, and soccer skills improved more than they would have without Coach Erica. Her balance of training programs throughout the season(s) has kept Samantha motivated and engaged. Sam is disappointed when we need to miss a session. Coach Erica cares about "her" girls both on and off the field and in and out of the gym, and is happy to discuss whatever challenge they are facing.

Ms. Suter's workout plans have helped me develop as an athlete for soccer. The off-season summer programs ensured that I make speed and strength gains in preparation for the season. The in-season programs guided me in maintaining my strength and speed while preventing injuries too. I am a better soccer player because of the training program she designed for me to do on my own. She checked back with me every 4 weeks and I felt even though it was a take home program, she was always available to go over the exercises.

Are you ready to join hundreds and become your strongest and most athletic self?

Price: $225/month

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