The Process of Fitness: What’s the Magic Sauce?

The Process of Fitness: What’s the Magic Sauce?

Today’s guest post comes from England-based trainer and ninja James Dilley.

I’m thrilled to have him speak on the topic of consistency, which oftentimes, is something people tend to fuck up. 


The Process of Fitness: What’s the Magic Sauce?

I’ll tell you what: it’s much easier to get this whole fitness shebang wrong, than it is to get it right. Today i’ll be diving right into one little strategy that’s often overlooked.

So what is it? Allow me to develop a journey of context.

There’s always a beginning to any story you choose to create. You see those hench lads in the gym who’s biceps have got biceps? Yeah, they began at some point.

Or that woman who’s all sleek, slender and strong, goes through super complicated routines involving 3 dumbbells, 2 ankle weights and the cutest top money can buy? Yeah, they began at some point too.

Insight from Erica: Above is a little flashback in the first year of my career. We all start somewhere. Even if that means trying to pose sexy with small dumbbells and hot pink yoga pants. 

So we want to emulate them in some respect, shit, that’s cool. What’s the worst that could happen?

Well, here’s something I’ve picked up on over the many years I’ve spent in the “do-shit-to-keep-fit” paradigm. People use common sense and logic to guide them through the process.

That’s not bad per se. The problem arises when that’s all we rely on.

“To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.”

– Confucius.

Mmmmm, sage.

By not truly knowing your shit, 9 times out of 10 it results in people sprouting out the most absurd verbiage on what they feel it’s all about.

The manifestations of common sense and logic, ladies and gentlemen. Hell, there’s stuff I used to do when I was 19, 20, even 25 that makes me cringe.


Moreover, I can’t discount the toxic and pervasive reach that media and certain magazines have. Toxicity which deserves a thesis in its own right.

Hopefully though, I don’t need to expand on media bs for you lovely people. Although if you want me to, oblige me. Send an email to james@Iwillripthistopieces.com.

As today, we need to stay within the scope of this article.

Everything I’ve discussed thus far holds the following overarching point. It all distracts you from what really counts.

There’s something else too, when we gain a visual idea of what we want to work towards. We unwittingly focus on outcomes over the process. That’s antonymous to focusing on the here and now. It is in fact the here and the now which holds the process.

Full Nerd NB: By the laws of Quantum Mechanics. Everything that has existed, or ever will exist, exists right here, right now.

Sorry, except I’m not really.

That’s some deep shit.

See, Erica and I have resonated on a few levels, notably on how deep we can go on the topic of connection, the universe, reality, fitness, strength, and how passionate Jurgen Klopp’s celebrations are.

You should see this guy go. Fuck, he’s got tremendous heart and soul.

However, heart and soul alone doesn’t cut it. You need consistency.

Annnnnnnd there’s your segue.

See, there’s this magical strategy that is so often overlooked in our pursuits. Time and again, I will reiterate this to clients that a cornerstone of fitness success is consistency.

  • You don’t need some sort of talent or swag.
  • You don’t need complicated periodisation.
  • You don’t need to get tied up in the minutia.
  • You don’t need ultra flashy sounding diets.
  • You don’t need Thor’s Hammer.

I’m talking to the people here, the tribe who want to enjoy movement and vitality. To feel good about themselves, to feel free. To view food as the privilege and joy it is. Not a poisonous guilt fest of negative self talk.

I’m not talking to the 1% of people who eat, live & breath competitive sport at the highest levels here. The people who do all the flash shiny stuff that you think you need. No.

Besides, those guys already have the fundamental basics under their belt. They have earned the justification and curated the lifestyle to warrant asking such detailed questions.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

You know what’s funny about moderation? Its definition can be ambiguous and broad across populations.

“Yeah, I have wine in moderation.”

Every night before bed.

“Pizza is my Achilles Heel. But I try to keep it in moderation.”

Once per fortnight.

“I watch Netflix sometimes”

2 hours hours  day.

This begs the question: have you ever looked objectively at your definitions of moderation?

I’m not insinuating you can’t live a little. You must be objective and honest with your definition of ‘livin a little’ or ‘moderation’.

Your definition of moderation, coupled with consistency, is the framework for success or failure.

About The Author

James Dilley is a former competitive motocross racer of 16 years. Nowadays he is 15 years into being a martial arts ninja. He holds a 4th Degree Black belt in Taekwon-Do, certified international instructor and international competitor. Who nowadays, has become a personal trainer on a mission to improve the industry. When he’s not whipping the proverbial pony for his clients, he’s reading, writing and doing handstands while contemplating world domination using a banana. He also spends time on racing simulators trying to win a real race drive. You can connect with him here: www.yourherofitness.com – www.instagram.com/yourherofitness – www.facebook.com/beyourownhero1

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