The One Thing Youth Athletes Are Missing

The One Thing Youth Athletes Are Missing

Today’s post will be short.

I recently read an article in the Irish Times which asked the question, “why are so many 12-year-olds unable to run, jump or catch?

The answer: lack of informal play.

Gone are the days when kids get out and play dodgeball, hop skotch, four square or hide n’ seek in the backyard.

Now enter the days of electronic devices, sedentary living, and rigid gym programs.

It amazes me when I see kids skipping with ipsilateral movement patterns, or running without arm action, or sprinting with wobbly cores. None of this is effective for the future of athletic performance, healthy living, and injury prevention.

If you’re a gym teacher, strength coach, or team coach, I urge you to check out these resources to help your youth athletes develop foundational movement patterns and reintroduce “play” into their fitness regimens.

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Coaches to check out:
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