Strength and Conditioning Stuff to Read

Strength and Conditioning Stuff to Read

“I’m so busy.”

This is a common statement I hear from fitness professionals. And they say it in a tone that makes them feel important, as if it gives them more value as a human being.

First off, I don’t give a shit how busy you are. We all are.

Second off, if you’re so busy, then how the hell do you have the time to broadcast it on social media?

Finally, I think you should stop being a busy braggart and defining your worth with your busy-ness and check out these strength and conditioning things this week.

First Things First

I made my second appearance as a contributor on Stack.com. This time, I wrote on how to become a master at 1-v-1 skills and beat more defenders on the soccer pitch.

Spoiler alert: don’t be a robot. Be a magician.

In the article, I give 4 tips on how to be more creative and confident with the ball. You can read the full article here.

Appearance at the Inspire Coaching Education Conference

And the last thing I’ll share before I share others’ work, is my panel discussion with the great training minds of Andrew Wiseman, Ross Bennett, and Nick Grantham.

We talked about all things coaching youth, physical development, and how to develop creative players.

You can view a preview of our discussion below:


Now, for this week’s readings…

Programming Considerations: Training Volume – Tony Gentilcore

Training volume shouldn’t be overcomplicated. After all, it’s simple: manipulate intensity, change load, change speed, scream Trump’s worst quotes in someone’s ear while deadlifting.

To that end, there are a plethora of ways to mix up training volume. Be simple, but creative.

Considerations for Return to Sport After Injury – Nicole Surdyka, DPT

This is an excellent article that everyone coming back from an injury should read. More often than not, athletes return to sport too quickly when this process should be progressed with great care.

On a side note: Nicole and I have been doing a week-long Instagram campaign showcasing our favorite soccer performance and rehab exercises, and why they’re beneficial for players.  Check them out on our pages: fitsoccerchick26 and dr.nicolept.

You Are A Badass At Making Money – Jen Sincero

Money, money, money.

It’s certainly a touchy subject because it can stress people out, frustrate people, and cause anxiety.

But here’s the deal: money is anything BUT all the bullshit we think comes with it.

I love Jen’s book because it challenges us to cultivate a different mindset on money. There’s plenty to go around in this world and it’s all about living in an abundance mindset.

Also: just because someone wants to make more money, or pick up clients to make a quick buck, doesn’t make them a greedy person or asshole. It could mean they want to better their business, invest in more creative projects, and experience the world. Not bad things at all.

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