Strength and Conditioning Stuff to Check Out

Strength and Conditioning Stuff to Check Out

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll notice that I tweet several things:

1. Other people’s shit.
2. My own strength and performance tutorials
3. Philosophy quotes.
4. Other people’s shit

With that said, today is all about sharing other people’s shit. Especially because social media is flooded with people smart than myself, I feel my readers will appreciate the spread of knowledge and offerings.

Check out this week’s readings and programs below:

Ladies: Here’s Why You’re Not Getting Stronger – Lana Sova via Tony Gentilcore

Oddly enough, this article came at the right time. Last night, one of my friends texted me and said she ate a salad post-high intensity training.

While she prided herself in this meal, I’d argue it’s not the best for building muscle and burning fat.

In addition to nutrition, Lana Sova’s article irons out common training mistakes that can help women reach their fitness goals faster.

Women’s Basketball Summit – Jen Brickey and other studs

Coach Jen Brickey is my go-to gal for basketball performance training, but overall, she is an amazing coach and her content can apply to ALL sports.

But, I mean…look at this killer line-up:

The Women’s Basketball Summit has experts speaking on a wide range of topics from coaching at the D1, D2 and D3 level, strength performance training advice from UCONN and South Carolina coaches, ACL injury prevention, how to improve your speed and agility, ACT and SAT exam prep and mental toughness. All of the experts are sharing their expertise, insights, and best practices with you, so if you’re a coach, trainer, or parent, this summit is a MUST to attend. You can register here.

The Performance Cortex – Zach Schonbrun

Ever wondered what goes on in Messi’s brain as he’s executing a 1 v. 1 move?

Ever wondered how Major League Baseball players handle a 95 MPH pitch?

Ever wondered what areas of the brain are firing as Michael Jordan breaks ankles?

Yeah, thought so. This book is for you.

The brain is one of the most fascinating tools in elite athletes and oftentimes, more than physical strength, gives them an edge over their opponents. If you’re a nerd like me, this is an awesome book to read on all things motor skills, neuromuscular learning, and skill execution.

We can’t discount the brain when it comes to training. It matters.

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