Strength and Conditioning and Life Stuff to Read

Strength and Conditioning and Life Stuff to Read

It’s Memorial Day weekend and normally I don’t post on a Sunday, but I’m 1) waiting to make a 3 hour drive to PA and 2) because I’ve had my coffee and 3) why not?

Here are some stellar reads to check out:

Anatomy Trains – Thomas W. Myers

I was just recommended this book by a friend and dove in this past week. Right off the bat, I learned I don’t know that much.

It’s an in-depth and thorough read to say the least.

Be Your Own Hype Woman – Neghar Fonooni

I love Neghar’s work because she reminds us to step in our power and be our biggest cheerleader.

Sure, life will rumble and throw you down, but always remember you have the power to create your own magic.

Reframing Our Professional Networks for the Digital Age – Julia Eyre

Earlier this week, I wrote an article about the fake-ness of social, especially the sugarcoated, interactive friendships we have.

Look. I get it’s truly amazing we can connect online, but true networking is building a relationship with these people and staying in touch on the reg. Great article by Julia from White Lion Performance.

It’s Tryout Season. Here are Lessons Parents Can Help Kids Learn

If parents move into a place of support and encouragement, maybe tryouts wouldn’t be as stressful.

Great article for the perfect time of year.

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