Soccer Speed And Agility Drills That Guarantee Intensity

Soccer Speed And Agility Drills That Guarantee Intensity

I have a big announcement.

No, I didn’t discover time travel.

No, I didn’t destroy the Ring of Power.

No, I didn’t find a vegan protein powder that tastes good.

No, I didn’t switch over to the fashion industry.

It’s even better: I am releasing my next youth soccer fitness program next month.

After the success of Total Youth Soccer Fitness, I wanted to create a program that’s a level up – a program that runs year-round, that contains workbooks for strength training, speed, agility and conditioning (12-week off-season and in-season programs).

I wanted to create something coaches and players can work through 365 days a year to become stronger, more agile, faster, and more conditioned.

So what else is in my next product Total Youth Soccer 365?

– Load monitoring. In other words, how do you manage soreness and fatigue around busy soccer schedules?

– Strength training workbooks. How many sets and reps, how do they change each week, how do you progress in strength? All in this program.

– Non-starter and starter programs. How should starters train? How should players with less minutes train? There are programs for both.

– Vide modules. Just because I love you guys and wanted to add extra videos that coach you through conditioning drill set-ups, strength training tracking, acceleration, change of direction, proper warm-ups, and so much more.

– My heart and soul. More than my first product, Total Youth Soccer Fitness, I poured so much more into this next body of work, which I didn’t think was possible.

In fact, I marathon wrote it in 14 days because I was so excited about providing coaches and players with something actionable that lasts year-round.

But just because I marathon wrote it, doesn’t mean I wanted to rush the launch. I finished the writing back in September 2019, and now here we are in March 2020.

It is painstakingly edited and packaged so it’s easy for coaches and players to work through, and know what to do for sets and reps, and how to order strength, speed and agility exercises.

With that said, stay tuned for Total Youth Soccer 365 to drop next month. 

To give you guys some more content to warm you up before it releases, I was so grateful to write this piece for Stack.com: Speed And Agility Drills That Guarantee Intensity.

Total Youth Soccer 365 will have several of these drills in there with the proper work-to-rest times to train speed, conditioning, and agility.

Too, it will lay out when you do a linear versus multi-directional running day and how to properly warm-up specific to the day. Every exercise and drill has a video link so you can see how it is done.

It’s going to be awesome. <— my totally unbiased opinion.

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I want to keep all of my readers in the loop so they do not miss the sale price.

Super excited. Stay tuned.

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