Soccer Performance Features And Resources

Soccer Performance Features And Resources

Off-season training is in full swing, which means several things:

1. Over 5,000 training sessions have taken place.
2. My athletes may or may not be tired of my jokes already.
3. I’m in a constant state of sweat and don’t shower.
4. Sorry if that was TMI.
5. I’ve been on several podcasts,
6. Without showering.
6. Secret’s out.

For some reason, off-season training has brought in a whirlwind of guest appearances on podcasts and articles on publications.

Perhaps people are taking notice of the work I do in the off-season with my athletes. Perhaps they see how hard everyones goes at my facility. Perhaps they want to share it with the world. Or perhaps, my voice can serenade ANYONE.

I don’t know, man. I’m just a soccer performance coach teaching deadlifts, comforting athletes barbell hip thrusts aren’t creepy, and playing Taylor Swift on the sound system.

Whatever the reason, I’m forever and always grateful for people to reach out to me to have me on their shows and write for their publications and talk everything soccer performance training.

Without further ado, here are some recent features to check out:

The Best Exercises for Every Soccer Position – via Stack.com

I was excited to whip this article together in the middle of World Cup action.

Whether you’re an avid soccer fan or not, people realize every position on the field has its unique role that contributes to the cohesiveness of the squad.

With that said, each position will require customized training.

Appearance on the Fantasy Doctors Podcast – via the Fantasy Doctors

Recently, I’ve loved appearing on podcasts.

I love geeking out on soccer performance. I love discussion. I love open-ended conversation. I love cracking jokes.

If you want to hear more on the benefits of off-season training, workouts players should do in-season and pre-season, as well as some bonus discussions on how adults (athletes and non-athletes) should train, check out my podcast here.

Online Soccer Performance and Life Athlete Coaching

Can’t work with me in person?

Too bad. You’re missing out on my sarcasm, Kate Middleton dopple-ganger-ness, and stupid ass jokes.

Since not everyone has the pleasure of living in Baltimore, MD and reenacting an episode of The Wire with me, that’s okay.

I re-opened my online coaching service, for both athletes AND non-athletes.

If you’re a soccer player who needs program design for in-season, off-season, or pre-season, schedule your consult call here.

If you’re a non-athlete who wants to be a beast, schedule your consult call here.

The best part about online coaching with me is the accountability. Weekly check-ins. Exercise technique corrections. Video upload options. And open-ended discussion about the Universe.

Hope to hear from you soon. If not, enjoy the other resources. ;-O

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