No One Can Tell You How To Live

No One Can Tell You How To Live

“You train people full-time?”

“So you’re going to do THAT the rest of your life?”

“You’re not married yet?”

“So you’re going to be single the rest of your life?”

I get these questions a lot.

And more often than not, people are in disbelief when they wonder what the fuck I’m doing with my life.

I guess you can say what I do is unconventional. It deviates far from working in the corporate world of 9-5 hours, having a set schedule, investing in a 401K, and receiving a stable salary, and planning my wedding on Pinterest.

The life I live is uncertain at best. In fact, if you asked me what’s going to happen in the next minute, I wouldn’t have an answer.

Will the zombies take over the world?

Will I become a best-selling author?

Will Ronaldo DM me back on Instagram?

Will someone finally impress me I’ll want to marry them?

Who. Fucking. Knows.

To that end, it’s safe to say my life is one big question mark.

You see, I feel having a life question mark is exciting. It challenges me to lean into the present moment, move in my flow and creative power, and adapt to shenanigans on the fly.

I love it.

But more often than not, most people get anxious with this uncertainty. So they judge those who choose unconventional lives and fail to understand what works for them may not work for people like me.

This reminds me of a time when I told one of my close family friends I never wanted kids.

She looked at me like I was a Nazgul Ringwraith about to take her life and wreck her with a 20 inch sword.



Welcome to unconventional living, motherfuckers.

A living that I proudly choose. And a living that you can’t tell me shit on how to live.

Nowadays, it seems everyone wants to know what is going to happen. Moreover, they want a clear strategy with a clear end results. Marriage, kids, career stability, retirement, etc.

While I understand the innate human drive for stability, it’s unfair to judge someone and say they’re “wrong” because you prefer stability yourself.

What if someone wants to be single?

What if someone wants to be a digital nomad and work online?

What if someone wants to freelance?

And what if someone gets an adrenaline rush from the spontaneity?

All good in my book.

On the flip side, if someone wants to get married, wants to have kids, and wants to have a stable job, good on them. They chose that life. It’s not your job to lecture them and tell them, “no, you’re wrong. Come to my side so we can travel, and be spiritual, and read Gary V together in 15 different countries.”

The truth is: we can’t tell people how to live.

What works for you, won’t work for me.

Right and wrong, in this case, is totally subjective.

Personally, I have many friends who are married with kids and extremely happy. Who am I to judge and say they’re wrong because of my own personal interests and motives? They’re not. Put simply, they’re choosing a life that makes them happy.

Truthfully, I have no place in judging them on how they live.

And neither do you.

Live your life and do what makes you happy.

After all, this is mother fucking planet Earth and you got one life to live in this bitch.

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