New Life Skill: Humble Confidence

New Life Skill: Humble Confidence

Behind my laptop keyboard, I’m outlandish, extroverted, and witty. I push the envelope with my prose, and jab quick wit at my readers without any filter.

At times, I may seem outlandish, preposterous and forthright. Certainly, it’s easy to be all of these things when nothing stands between you and a computer screen.

Through writing, I’ve been able to showcase a part of my personality – the extroverted, bubbly side that tosses out an eccentric stream of consciousness through humor, science, and wisdom.

In person, however, I’m reserved. Shy. Calm. Intuitive.

I hate flattery. I hate compliments. I hate accolades. I hate labels. I hate the idea of prestige.

And for a woman who has accomplished a lot, it’s weird.

Sure, my education, certifications, media publication features, and accolades are splashed across my site, but that’s as pompous as I’ll get.

If someone asks me about myself at a cocktail party, I put my tail between my legs, blush, and try to avoid the subject.

“So how many soccer records did you break in college, Erica?” asked another coach at a conference.

“I don’t remember. Can you pass the bread?” I replied.

None of this is to brush what I achieved under the rug.

It’s to quietly accept what I’ve accomplished in my internal being. Because at the end of the day, I did all of this for my damn self.

Stamping myself as a “College All American” or a “M.S. in Exercise Science” or a “Published Fitness Writer” or “Goal Scoring Record Breaker” was more than bragging rights.

I learned grit. Hard work. Creativity. Authenticity. Commitment. Adversity.

That’s what this all means.

So the next time someone asks me who I am and what I’ve done, I’ll nonchalantly tell them, “Google it.”

And then replay the insatiable hard work it took to get to this point in my head, while smiling to myself in a corner.

That’s humble confidence.


  • Jay
    Posted at 21:10h, 27 August Reply

    oh yeah… there you go… totally reasonated with me. Like I love doing stuff, and excelling at it. But I cant speak about it and cant stand any kind of applause. Where everyone wanted to be an actor, for me there’s nothing worse. I loved the theatre and worked there to earn my studies… but well, hated being on stage. I just dont like it…

    Coolest job I though there could be would be dramaturg. Like the person who connects the actors with the Regisseur in kind of a way. The one who really really knows the play and each and everything about the author. The one who makes it all work. But, did anyone actually know there were dramaturgs?! Well, probably not…

    Still, that was kind of my “wannabe” and I still take it as my every day life inspiration. Being the person who puts theory to practice and makes people connect. That, to me, is the concept of coaching a team.

    And I learned if from theatre.

    And no, please dont google me… (Spoiler: Worked on a bunch of Brechts and Shakespeares, but also some Murakami…)

    • erica
      Posted at 16:14h, 28 August Reply

      Thanks for reading! I think the people who do the most are pretty quiet about it. It’s a good skill to have.

  • Ed Z
    Posted at 15:03h, 30 August Reply

    Sorry, but I believe you forgot beer pong champion to add to your accolades… XOXO

    • erica
      Posted at 16:31h, 30 August Reply

      That is the most important one!

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