My Most Read Articles In 2018

My Most Read Articles In 2018

This blog is going on four years. Excuse me, but what the hell?

My writing success wouldn’t have been possible without several things:

1. Shots of espresso.
2. The support of my family and friends.
3. My unlimited supply of creative juice.
4. My amazing readers.

Back in 2015 when I started writing, I remember a fitness professional telling me, “buckle up, Erica. You have no clue what’s about to happen.”

Boy, was he right. Little did I know tapping away at my keyboard would lead to so many magical opportunities. Of course, I’m too modest to list them all right now, but you can read more here.

Thank you all for pouring love into my articles and reading my witty and authentic posts. I’m excited to continue to pump out content in 2019, but first, let’s highlight my most read articles from 2018:

My Life Isn’t Perfect

This was my most viral piece, and I’m pretty sure I give everyone my life story in this one, so hopefully you can relate and take away this: life is never smooth sailing. Deal with it.

10 Ways To Get Soccer Players To Love Strength Training

My biggest accomplishment in 2018 was getting boys soccer players to love strength training. In a culture that still lags behind when it comes to lifting weights, this one was huge for me. This article gives you 10 actionable tips to get your soccer athletes to fall in love with the gym.

Why I Don’t Have Back Squats In My Athletes’ Programs

The title of the piece alone was enough to captivate people. I give several alternatives to back squats and why they bode well for training youth soccer players.

What It’s Like Being A Female Strength Coach

This much I know: the further I get into my career in strength and conditioning, the more of a radical feminist I become.

In an abyss dominated by male egos coaches, I’m just out here trying to ooze my empathetic, divine feminine energy into everyone’s souls.

How To Keep Nutrition Simple To Get Results

What I love most about this article is that it was REJECTED from a major website.

I applied for a freelance writing job and submitted this piece during the application process only to get turned away. So what happened next? I published it on my own site, and it went viral with my readers.

Again, thank you for sticking with me for four years and being avid fans of my content. This is just the beginning.

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