Knowledge Is Power: Strength and Conditioning Stuff to Read

Knowledge Is Power: Strength and Conditioning Stuff to Read

Breaking news: There will be breaking news this month.

It may sound anti-climatic for now, but there has been a project I’ve been working on that I’m super excited about. And it will be releasing in May. Sorry for being a tease. ;-0

Scared and giddy are a few ways to describe my feelings about this project. Ever seen the movie American Pie? Yeah. I’m just about as nervous as a teen boy about to lose his virginity on prom night.

Needless to say, it’s something I’ve been working hard on and truly believe will deliver results in terms of physical and mental strength.

Stay tuned.

Here are this week’s readings:

How To Write A Sentence: And How To Read One – Stanley Fish

Though this may sound like we’re returning to elementary school grammar, we’re not. Yes, we all know how to write sentences (I hope). However, this book takes it one step further on how to up the ante with sentence eloquence. The author argues that sentences are more than just subjects, nouns, and verbs. They are a piece of art that captivate the reader and tell a story.

I highly recommend this book for fitness writers, bloggers, and authors. Enjoy.

How Is Fitness Not A Real Job Anyway? – Dean Somerset

Thank you, Dean. Fitness consulting, training, strength coaching, and flexing biceps ARE ALL real jobs, if not, careers. I’ve written on this topic here, but Dean does an exceptional job of discussing the amount of focus, effort, and creativity a fitness professional must possess. It’s certainly not a hobby. And it’s certainly not a job where people can go through the motions, take paid vacations, and make millions while rocking sweatpants. It’s REAL WORK.

You’re Not Broken If You’re Asymmetrical: You’re Normal – Tony Gentilcore

LOVED this article. It goes into detail about how to lean into and train the natural asymmetries and limitations of your body.

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