Knowledge Is Power: Strength and Conditioning Stuff To Read

Knowledge Is Power: Strength and Conditioning Stuff To Read

It’s my 27th birthday and I feel awesome.

When I look back to where I was in my drunken college days, I see a girl who was confused, insecure, and pretty damn lost.

Now, I’ve grown into a more authentic woman, who is not afraid to speak her mind, challenge the status quo, and drop F bombs every sentence. What’s more, is I’ve grown out of my “partying” phase and feel I’m truly living life…through my passions.

To say I’ve blossomed is an understatement.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still take sangria to the face, but not in a “wake-up-in-a-strange-place-the-next-morning” type way. Keepin’ it classy, no doubt.

Here are this week’s strength and conditioning readings:

The 5 Biggest Deadlift Fails – Christian Thibaudeau

As much content there is out there on the deadlift, it still gets butchered.

The simplicity of this article is excellent. It will help you troubleshoot common deadlift errors and how to change grip and stance based on biomechanics and muscle imbalances.


Split Squats with Mike Boyle – The Movement Fix

What we’ve always been doing could be wrong. I love how strength coach Mike Boyle challenges other coaches to get better. When we look at athletes, they have a myriad of strength, weaknesses, limitations, body types, and needs. To say everyone should bilateral squat ass to grass it pretty damn ignorant. And to say squatting is the *only way* to max strength is being uneducated.

The bilateral deficit is real.


Running is the Worst Way to Get Fit – Nick English

LOLOLOL. I’m glad someone said it first. Before you get infuriated and bang your head against a wall, read this one from start to finish. <— it was a running joke. ;-0

This article is brilliant. Even better, there’s science to back it up.



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