Knowledge Is Power: Strength and Conditioning Stuff to Read

Knowledge Is Power: Strength and Conditioning Stuff to Read

Happy November!

Holy shit, 2016 is finally wrapping up and I couldn’t be more grateful for the plethora of opportunities in the past year.

From Women’s Health collaborations to being featured on Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset’s blogs, to attending my first Seattle Sounders Sport Science Conference to running my first soccer camp to fighting off fitness celebrities, all I can say is wow.

Thank you, 2016.


Even better, November is is my favorite month because:

1) It’s my birthday.
2) It’s my mom’s birthday.
3) I appreciate men’s facial hair.
4) I have an excuse to eat 5 pounds of stuffing in one sitting.
5) Scorpios rule the world.

Needless to say, it’s wonderful to wrap up such an awesome year with positive vibes. Fingers crossed in 2017 I finally get married so I can shower my Facebook newsfeed with engagement, bridal shower, and wedding photos. #ForTheSocialMediaPhotos

Here are this week’s strength and conditioning readings:

How Functional is Movement Training for Fitness and Performance? – Geoff Chiu

“Functional” has become a buzzword in the fitness industry, but what does it really mean? Does it mean balancing on a BOSU while arguing with your wife blindfolded?

Spoiler alert: no BOSUs needed.

3 Steps to Advancing Your Career as a Strength Coach – Zack Nielsen via Teambuildr Blog

After a few heated exchanges with fitness celebrities, this article by Zack Nielsen was extremely refreshing for me. Sure, I bashed people in my article, but I was simply challenging them from a professional standpoint. You know…to help them get better.

In order to advance as a fitness professional and truly become an “expert,” you have to take criticism and work to improve yourself. Get your hands on books. Be open minded. Talk to people who had years of hands-on experience. Master your craft.

Deep Squat Landmine Shoulder-to-Shoulder Press – Ben Bruno

If any of you follow Ben Bruno, he’s the guy behind Kate Upton’s beast mode strength. He’s also the man behind all the crazy landmine variations. I thought this was an awesome exercise for training core stability and hip mobility. Better yet, it’s accessible to those with shoulder limitations due to the shorter lever arm. Enjoy.

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