Knowledge Is Power: Strength and Conditioning Stuff to Read

Knowledge Is Power: Strength and Conditioning Stuff to Read

After the whirlwind of my 300th blog post, I’m feeling introverted and brief in my prose today.

Plus, I just took the first sip of my espresso, so I’m not under the influence quite yet.

Here are this week’s readings:

Losing Bodyfat or Gaining Muscle Muscle Mass: Which is More Important? – Mark Rippetoe

Another excellent reminder why gaining muscle is the way to go. In fact, I can’t think of one bad thing about strength or hypertrophy training.

Build Massive Forearms and Herculean Grip Strength – Dr. Joel Seedman

This my time to provide some manly content. I love Joel’s approach in this piece on building grip strength. Spoiler: it’s a multi-faceted approach.

Women in Sports: 50 Fearless Athletes Who Played to Win – Rachel Ignotofsky

Okay, onto womanly things. This book is a great blast from the past in terms of the best female athletes in history.

And in case you missed it, my 300th blog article:

30 Thoughts on Life, Strength and Conditioning, and Business

Some of the points made in the article:

1.) It’s okay to fire a client.

Sometimes people aren’t a match. An empath can’t date a sociopath. A glass of water can’t be mixed with a glass of oil. A hobbit probably can’t get it on with an elf.

Earlier this year, I let a client of three years go because our values were out of alignment. He wanted results overnight, whereas I preached hard work and long-term consistency.

In the end, no one was right or wrong, it simply wasn’t a fit. I wrote an extensive article on this here.

2.) There’s no such thing as sport specific training.

“Sport specific” is a common buzz phrase in the performance world.

But in terms of strength and power most sports will be trained the same.

Conditioning is a different monster in which each sport has varying energy demands, so conditioning can be considered “sport specific.”

However, when we look to strength…

A gymnast wants to increase her performance on the parallel bars? Total body strength.

A soccer player wants to improve her kicking power? Total body strength and power training.

It took me 2 hours to write this 30-bullet point piece, so that means it will take you 5.7 minutes to read it. No excuses.


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