Knowledge Is Power: Strength and Conditioning Stuff to Read

Knowledge Is Power: Strength and Conditioning Stuff to Read

Adulting is a full time job.

Actually, let me restate: adulting is a full time job on top of our already full time jobs.

Never is there a moment when we’re not thinking about what to do next, where our next meeting is, who we’re meeting for lunch, when to send that email, when to change the oil in the car, when to fix the toilet, when to make time for our loved one, or when to meditate.

Even when meditating, it’s hard to hit the off switch when it comes to life. However, it’s a critical practice that brings us back into our natural state of being calm.

Given this, this week’s readings have a whole lot to do with managing stress. Because if we want to perform at our best or be our fittest selves, we must hammer down the mental component.

Let’s Talk About Stress, Recovery, and Performance – Kyle Dobbs

Sport science is a growing field that is worth researching. No, you don’t have to stay glued to Excel spreadsheets, read analytics, and pray you don’t get a seizure. Rather, there are easy-to-use tools for strength and team coaches to use in order to monitor athlete stress and training load. Here is a great article by Kyle Dobbs that discusses why you should invest in HRV monitoring.

Enhancing College Women’s Soccer Psychosocial and Performance Outcomes by Promoting Intrinsic Sources of Sport Enjoyment – Scott P. Barnicle and Damon Burton

Normally I’m not a fan of reading entire research studies, but this one I did. Clap it up, I know.

I recommend reading this start to finish to understand how to promote intrinsic motivation in your athletes. I promise your eyes won’t bleed.

The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion – Simon Marshall, phD

This book makes visualization and self talk techniques seem gimmicky. So what cutting edge sports psych advice does Simon Marshall provide in this book? You’re going to have to buy it to find out. It’s worth it.

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