Knowledge Is Power: Fitness Stuff To Watch

Knowledge Is Power: Fitness Stuff To Watch

Rarely do I ever watch TV.

Unless there is a soccer game, quirky documentary on killer whales, or a new series titled Naked in Alaska with Nothing but a Pocket Knife.

This past weekend was the exception to my anti-tv attitude. First off, the Portland Timbers played Toronto FC. It’s soccer. I may be moving to Portland one day. And I wanted to see the dude sawing the tree after every goal.


Because, Portland.

A few other things I things I watched were some relative videos for this blog.


1.) The Truth About Devin Physique’s Challenge

I’ve been saying this for YEARS: Instagram, bodybuilding selfie taking sensations are scammers. Finally, people are realizing that these people actually AREN’T the panacea to fitness, and a grandma can design better workouts. They don’t customize exercise programs as they promise, they don’t know what vegan means, and they don’t acknowledge that not everyone is disciplined enough to eat chicken and asparagus. Needless to say, they toss out cookie cutter exercise and diet programs, and even worse, they turn to their assistants who are actually fitness PROFESSIONALS.


The scam of Devin Physique of the Shredz brand further shows that huge biceps, tiny testicles, and a library of shirtless selfies does not equal exercise science or nutrition knowledge. Excellent video exposing the fallacy of certain online coaching hubs.

2. ) Why Our Food Is Not Enough 

Now I’m no nutrition aficionado, but I do like Peter Greenlaw’s discussion on nutrient deficiency in America. He starts a conversation that has been ignored for many years. Are we getting enough minerals? Are we building enough lean muscle mass? What do we need to eat (and how much) to get the right amount of nutrients? Because sometimes, 8 bowls of spinach isn’t enough. :-0

Exercises You Should Be Doing: 1-Arm Landmine Reverse Lunge

Is there anything you CAN’T do with a landmine? Perhaps a back handspring into a row. Although, I’m willing to bet Mark Fisher could pull off a shenanigan like this.

Love this landmine variation from Tony Gentilcore. Great movement to improve athleticism. There is a core stability, single leg strength, and hip stability component to this one, so basically, it’s a pain in the ass to perform.

So there you go. Happy watching!

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