Knowledge Is Power: Fitness Stuff To Read

Knowledge Is Power: Fitness Stuff To Read

It’s already July 1st and I’ve accomplished about half of the things on my to-do list for year 2016:

1) Join the mile high club.
2) Say “I do.”
3) Run my own strength and conditioning soccer camp.
4) Tune into FOX news.

Can you guess which ones I’ve crossed off? ;-0

The past two weeks I haven’t been able to squeeze in much writing, only because I’ve been occupied checking off my 2016 bucket list. And technically, joining the mile high club could count as like 10 things. But get your mind out of the gutter…this isn’t a shoutout to all the single men out there to help me accomplish this task. I’ll wait, I’ll wait…

Though flying by, 2016 has brought me some exciting opportunities. One of them being running my OWN soccer camp for girls. We are already done the first two weeks and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

It’s full of copious amounts of high school hormones, laughter, giggles, barbells, and weird one-eyed balance drills from some crazy coach:

FullSizeRender (3)

I mean come ON…what type of coach makes their athletes do that?!?!?!

Here are this week’s readings:

Don’t Hate The Carbs, Hate The Calorie Game – Stephanie Dorworth
Another case for the big, bad carb. I really enjoyed this article a lot. It’s even better when you read it while eating a chocolate cupcake. You won’t turn into the marshmallow man, I promise.

Are All Hip Extension Exercises Created Equal? – Bret Contreras and Dr. John B. Cronin
Today I was performing resistance band good mornings. I’m always looking to find new angles to work my butt get faster in soccer. But mainly, to work my butt. I love this study on the mechanics of various hip extension exercises, and which angle works our butts the most.

FullSizeRender (4)

4 Tips To Feel Great With Strength Training – Nia Shanks
If I were able to chime in on this one, I would say bench your husband and dead lift. Alas, I’ll leave it to Nia Shanks to provide you with more practical advice. This involves slowing down your reps, performing joint friendly movements, and avoiding bodybuilding style workouts at all costs.

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