Knowledge Is Power: Fitness Stuff To Read

Knowledge Is Power: Fitness Stuff To Read

Last week, I took on the insurmountable task of discussing 5 big rock causes of knee injuries.

Honestly, I can think of 103 more things that leave people at risk for knee injury. Hip asymmetry, a small ass, style of shoe worn, how hard the wind is blowing that day, being inebriated, or simply, shit luck.

If you haven’t read my post on 5 Reasons You Have Shitty Knees, ya’ll should check it out. It didn’t take a full day to write or anything…

So read it. It’s baller.

And if my post wasn’t enough of a break down for you, I’m including everything hip, knee, and core kinematics in today’s Knowledge Is Power portion.

Because, learning.



Why Train the Posterior Chain – Zak Gabor
I touch a lot on posterior chain training in my knee injury article, but Zak does a great job of explaining how a strong butt also plays a critical role in alleviating low back pain. He’s an ass man so of course he knows alllllllllll the anatomy. He’s got your back (no pun intended). ;-0

The Best and Easiest Way To Restore Knee Extension – Mike Reinold
Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of Mike Reindold’s podcasts and videos. First off, he’s got mad knowledge. Second off, it’s a free way for me to learn about everything PT. Because, fuck physical therapy school loans.

Excellent video here on the best way to restore knee extension post-op.

Your Complete Guide to Recovering from an ACL Tear – Scott Gunter
If I’m ever on a time crunch and still want to learn something, I resort to stack.com. Not only are these articles short, the authors do a fantastic job of highlighting key takeaways on complicated topics. Come on, my ADHD calls for *bullet points and bold words to survive past sentence one. Am I right, or am I right?

Scott’s article on pre and post rehab for ACL injuries reinforces all the things we must hone in on – strength, balance, proprioception, plyometrics, and stability. Give this one a read if you need a library of exercises.

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