Knowledge is Power: Fitness Stuff to Read 12/21/15

Knowledge is Power: Fitness Stuff to Read 12/21/15

If any of you follow me on SnapChat, you know I wake up at 5:05AM every day, jam out in my car to electronic dance music, and attend the occasional rave.

Yes, rave. Everybody gasp and jump to conclusions about light shows, weird substances, and people who dress up like astronauts.


This Saturday, I went to my first one in a while, but it was surprisingly tame. Tame meaning, we went to bed at 5:00AM instead of 6:00AM, and discovered that red bulls do make you have wings. Not to mention, a butt load of energy that carries onto the next day.

After just four hours of sleep and residual effects of red bull, I was in full on recovery mode. But that’s not to say I was feeling completely like an old hag or ogre. By noon, I was ready to begin the day with a walk in nature and some reading. Given the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I had a LOTTTTTT of reading to catch up for you guys.

Raves, glow sticks, and lack of sleep aside, let’s get into today’s list:

11 Ways to Goblet Squat – Chad Rodgers
Goblet squats are awesome. And there are a myriad of ways to perform one in terms of regressions and progressions. Some people lack depth, ankle mobility, hip mobility, and hell, some people have different shaped pelvic bones. What the what?


All You Need Is Discipline…and Drugs – Dani Shugart
Calling out all steroid users: Dani Shugart is about to eff you up the butt, so grab your lube. You’re not that special.

10 Life Changing Mottoes Women Should Embrace – Nia Shanks
Self talk is one of our most powerful tools for success. And in a world where women are told they can’t lift heavy, they must look a certain way, or that pink dumbbells are the answer, we must rise above such fallacies. Nia Shanks hammers home some gems in this article.

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