Knowledge Is Power: Fitness Stuff to Read

Knowledge Is Power: Fitness Stuff to Read

Before I pop into a meeting, here are this week’s fitness reads:

What Too Many Athletes Get Wrong About In-Season – Mike Mejia via Stack.com

In-season training does not mean toss the dumbbells and barbells and plop on a sofa with a bag of chips.

This is a critical time to maintain strength with moderate loads. Excellent piece by Mike Mejia.

Being Is The New Doing – Radiah Rhodes

If you’ve perused my Instagram page, I’ve posted a plethora of pictures of books I’ve read – most of which touch on the themes of life coaching, mindfulness, and spirituality.

Being Is The New Doing is one of the better books I’ve read because it provides you with actionable steps to living a fulfilling and empowering life.

Especially if you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur, Radiah gives solutions to living through your creativity and highest intention.

Active Children = Smarter Children – Jeremy Frisch

I stumbled across this post from a couples years back, and it still is tremendously relevant. Strength coach Jeremy Frisch is the go-to guy for youth long-term athletic development. More trainers who work with young kids should listen to what he has to say and follow suit.

Kids are meant to crawl, jump, hop, skip, climb, and sprint. Not only do these increase motor skill development, but they also enhance cognitive function.

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