Knowledge is Power: Fitness Stuff to Read 11/17/15

Knowledge is Power: Fitness Stuff to Read 11/17/15

Tomorrow is my 26th birthday. Woot woot! Even though the big day falls on Hump Day, some crazy shenanigans are about to go down:

1) I’ll be working a full day 7am-7pm.
2) But my first manicure in a year will be happening during my lunch break. Say what?!
3) Finally, a sushi buffet. But we all knew that. Oh, and maybe a mojito. Or 2. Or 20…

Let’s dive into this week’s readings, so I can procrastinate signing up for my own health insurance:

One Weird Trick to Improve Exercise Technique Instantly: Proprioceptive Stimulus – Travis Pollen
All of the movements we perform in the weight room have to do with body positioning and awareness. When we train our clients, sometimes verbal cues won’t do the job. Travis Pollen hits a home run in his post on using proprioceptive stimulus to sharpen our brain’s response when performing basic movement patterns.


Becoming Your Best – Tim Anderson
I’ve always been a fan of Tim Anderson and the Original Strength guys. Their system is simple, effective, and easy. So you can bench 400 pounds? Cool. But can you move the way you’re supposed to move, and if I asked, could you prevail in a Ninja Warrior battle tomorrow? Tim’s post on becoming your best through movement is gold for the strength and conditioning field.

Tip: Do the Pallof Press for a Strong Core – Dr. John Rusin
I haven’t given Dr. John Rusin enough love lately, but only because I don’t want to totally creep him out. He’s SO. DAMN. SEXY. One day, I hope he seduces me with his exercise science jargon and shows me some hands-on training work. Shit. I’ll get my mind out of the gutter. What I really meant to say was: read his awesome article on T-nation to learn a new and safe anti-rotation core exercise.


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