Knowledge is Power: Fitness Stuff to Read 10/20/15

Knowledge is Power: Fitness Stuff to Read 10/20/15

There are a lot of creepers on the internet.

Like seriously. A lot.

I find it both astounding and comical. Recently, I’ve received obscene messages, marriage proposals, and requests to send nudes. Clearly, #nofucksgiven.

I’d like to think the harsh sarcasm of my blog is enough to deter creepers, but with any internet space, it’s hard to fully wash these people away from viewing your page.

Creepers aside, I’m still going to continue to put fresh content out weekly (and maybe less pictures of me in a sports bra). And more Knowledge is Power posts. Because what’s more of a turn off than a woman who would rather spend her time reading than going on a date? LOLz.

Without further ado, here are this week’s Knowledge is Power readings:

Stimulate or Annihilate Muscle: Which Is Better? – Tony Gentilcore
When we train with the sole purpose to make ourselves hate our lives, how much are we really accomplishing? Are we encouraging muscle growth or muscle degradation? Tony Gentilcore hammers home proper technique, deloading, and program design for NOT accumulating muscle fatigue. A must read if you want to look hot (and be strong) for your girlfriend.

Body Dysmorphia in the Fitness Industry – Sohee Lee
Never looking “good enough” has been a staple of the fitness industry. It piques my curiosity when people (especially women) constantly want to lose this and lose that. Why do we always find the need to work on our physiques? What can we do to overcome this challenging mental construct?

A Teacher Lost 56 Pounds Eating Nothing but McDonald’s – Nia Shanks
Yes, that actually happened. But does this mean McDonald’s is for everyone and we sue the director of SuperSize Me? Nia Shanks does a great job of explaining the importance of macronutrients and caloric intake in the diet, no matter where you eat.

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