Knowledge Is Power: Fitness Stuff To Read 04/09/2016

Knowledge Is Power: Fitness Stuff To Read 04/09/2016

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone for such a positive response to my most recent article How Men Can Overcome Body Image Issues. I received comments and messages from gentlemen thanking me for calling everyone out, while maintaining some levity and sarcasm to a deeply complex issue. Overall, the feedback was tremendous, despite the copious amount of d*ck and p*nis bombs dropped.

Wait…why am I bleep-ing these words out?


There, I said it.

Male genitals aside, it’s Saturday and I’m writing. AHHHHHHH. Normally, I don’t write on the weekends, but I’m so close to having a blogger orgasm as several exciting things are on the horizon:

1) Lori Lindsey, former professional soccer player and now fitness coach powerhouse, will be featured as the next guest poster. I got in contact with her when I saw my friends from TeamBuildr were with her on SnapChat. Of course, I had to shoot them the “OMG ASK HER TO GUEST POST FOR ME” text. And it worked. I’m enthralled that she will be writing about all things soccer, strength training, and injury prevention for athletes. 🙂


2) Erin Mandras, blogger at Kick The Scale and also a badass soccer player who played at Michigan State, will be chiming in as well. Read her first post for Energize Fitness here to get a sneak peek of what’s to come.

3) And to continue with the theme of soccer, I’ll be taking on the insurmountable task of writing an article on “What Biomechanics Can Teach You About Soccer.” Nerd status, I know. But I’m pumped.

Here are some excellent fitness articles to check out this week:

Amy Schumer Is Not Plus Size – Erin Mandras
While I do believe we have come far in the realm of women’s fitness, subtle jabs are still being made at “bigger” women. The term plus size is still prevalent in the modeling community, and coexists with a negative connotation. Erin’s post is yet another that keeps fighting the fight of bettering women’s fitness.


The Art Of Personal Training – Kevin Mullins
If Kevin Mullins read this article out loud to a room full of personal trainers, you bet your ass he would’ve gotten a standing ovation. It’s THAT baller. I love his take on the art of our careers. We shouldn’t be book nerds who spit out functional anatomy jargon to our clients. And we shouldn’t be meal prep maniacs who eat out of tupperware while our clients perform half-assed dead lifts. Rather, we should be the sweet spot in between, having a wealth of practical experience and an insatiable desire to keep learning.

Improving Power Without Olympic Lifts – Erich Bach


I guess you can say I’m a little biased on this one. I know my weakness as a coach and that is teaching the olympic lifts. Sure, I already knew that rate coding, fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment, and optimal intramuscular coordination could be achieved WITHOUT the OLY lifts, but when Erich Bach writes about the topic, I feel 10x better about myself. Great breakdown on the art of power training.

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