Knowledge is Power: Fitness Stuff to Read

Knowledge is Power: Fitness Stuff to Read

With Hurricane Joaquin on the horizon for us Baltimore folks, I am cooped up in my room recovering from a sickness, thinking how happy I am that this is my current situation, as people frantically take cover outside. Or scurry into long lines at Wegman’s to stock up on 100 + rolls of toilet paper, or to the liquor store for survival whiskey, as if the Blizzard of ’96 is upon us.

Maybe when I’m feeling better I will join in on the havoc pre-Joaquin errand and booze run party. But for now, I’m in my room reading, doing homework, and trying to recover. Reading has always had its way of soothing my soul, relaxing my mind, while continuing education in my field and life. With that, I’d like to introduce a new portion of this blog: Knowledge is Power.

Each week, I will write two separate posts under this category to inspire others to seek knowledge about the fitness, health, strength and conditioning, and life coaching industries. These articles will come from a variety of sources from top notch strength coaches, exercise physiologists, RDs, and more. I’ll do my best to not to include CrossFit articles or anything related to “796 ways to kiss your man.”

So without further ado, here are this week’s Knowledge is Power reads:

Squat versus Hip Thrust: Transfer to Performance
The glute guy, Bret Conteras, raises eyebrows (and hips) again! With his most recent study in his thesis on the squat versus the hip thrust, he discusses the performance benefits of doing the hip thrust, particularly in acceleration and sprinting speed. And my favorite part? It’s a phD thesis, so there’s scientific data to back up his argument.


Why I’m Getting Naked on the Internet
I promise this is relevant to fitness. Jessi Kneeland of Remodel Fitness exposes her vulnerability via nude photography of her athletic body. Is she perfect? She says no. Has she been insecure with her body? Yes. But she encourages women to get naked. To accept their bodies 100%. By doing this, we will find solitude, gratitude, and empowerment. A very powerful piece, but proceed with caution reading this one in your cubicle.

InSideOut Coaching
Joe Ehrmann, a former NFL star and now high school football coach, wrote this book to inspire coaches to become transformational coaches, rather than transactional coaches. Transformational coaching has the power to change lives beyond the field, court, and weight room. And as Ehrmann puts it, to turn young boys into men. After reading this book, I see coaching as a powerful tool to develop young athletes into the best version of themselves mentally and emotionally.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 1.59.45 PM

Interview with Erica Suter: A Fitness Professional and Soccer Chick from Baltimore
Yes, that’s me! Sometimes I wish it said I was from Ibiza or somewhere more exotic to draw people in, but this will do. And holy crap! It’s been a year since I started developing this blog, and over three years since I started my strength training professional journey. This is a good read to see the WHY of my profession, and how I’ve evolved along the way to make it my own. Disclaimer: I may or may not ask strength coach Mike Boyle out for drinks in this interview.

Enjoy, read a TON, stay dry, and be safe as Joaquin spits his wrath onto us this weekend.

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