Inside the Athletic Grind of an Athlete Turned Entrepreneur

Inside the Athletic Grind of an Athlete Turned Entrepreneur

Have you ever taken an afternoon nap and you woke up so frazzled you believed you were in a new century? Or hit by a bus, if you will.

For the past few years of my life, I have pretty much felt the same way. Time has been irrelevant, yet everything has been amazingly refreshing for my soul. Certainly, I feel I have awoken from that groggy nap and I’m over here like ‘WTF JUST HAPPENED!” (insert my favorite emoji here):


Since I began my journey as a soccer coach-entrepreneur-blogger-strength and conditioning coach-life coach (tell me I have too many professional titles, I dare you), life has become a whirlwind of opportunities, networking with incredible people, learning something new daily, and evolving into the best version of myself. I have chosen to commit to a life that I will live enthusiastically, being grateful to practice and teach what I love every single day.

If any of you read my article about the day in the life of a female strength coach, you have seen it has been a blend of hard work, struggles, breakthroughs, but also great victories and joy. And a lot of cool things have gravitated my way for just doing the best I can at my practice daily.

Nick Merich, CEO and Founder of Inside the Athletic Grind, reached out to me a couple months back about doing a podcast interview for his site, which focuses on developing the elite athlete and aspiring entrepreneur. Everyone featured on his space has a unique, inspiring tale to tell that will motivate you to crush life. He has even interviewed some of my favorite strength coaches in the industry, including Tony Gentilcore from Cressey Sports Performance, so to be alongside some of my role models and cyber mentors kind of makes me a giddy schoolgirl over here.


Of course, being the overly sarcastic and witty woman that I am, I guess I can see why I might have caught Nick’s attention for an interview. Or my sharp niche in strength and conditioning, skills training, and injury prevention for female soccer players. And my obvious hatred toward CrossFit.

Either way, I was very grateful Nick reached out to me to do this podcast. In the episode, I discuss my journey as a fiery high school kid obsessed with soccer, a confused college kid not having a clue what to do with my major in Economics, and then finding a love for coaching, teaching, and learning constantly about how the body works to blossom into a young entrepreneur with a CSCS. And naturally, at the end of the episode, I play to my deep, life coaching side and highlight the importance of following your passions, going against what is considered conventional, and encourage entrepreneurs to follow their paths with unlimited energy and not to think twice. I also may or may not mention my obsession with JRR Tolkien and Lord of the Rings at the end.

You can listen to the entire episode: here
You can find all the cool stuff Nick Merich is doing: here

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