Humans Are Funny: How to Deal with People Who Suck

Humans Are Funny: How to Deal with People Who Suck

Humans are funny.

Repeat after me again:

Humans. Are. Funny.

If you’ve been a loyal follower of my blog, you know I write on soccer science, strength and conditioning, and youth fitness. I love coaching, I love teaching, I love writing about my experiences in the gym and on the pitch, and have written over 500 posts on performance training.

But squeezed somewhere in between the cracks of my 500+ articles, are also mind blowing life coaching articles. You know, just to make my readers’ faces melt.

Let’s get this out of the way first: I’m not a life coach. As many non-GMO kale salads I consume, almond milk lattes I imbibe, and Buddha quotes I plaster on social media, I’m no spiritual master here.

But, I am a human being (just like you) who experiences the gut wrenching, stomach knotting obstacles of life. I’m a human being who experiences people failing me. I’m a human being who has been disappointed by friends, family, and significant others. I’m a human being who has been rejected too many times to count.

To say I’ve “been around the block” when it comes to personal problems, is an understatement. You can read more about what I’ve dealt with in My Life Isn’t Perfect article. Of course, what’s in that piece is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my life mess.

What’s different about my approach to life’s messiness, however, is accepting that humans are funny. Rarely, do I get worked up over others’ mistakes, shortcomings, and failures, even if I’m the middle of it all. And quite frankly, I don’t give a f*@% what others do.

And you shouldn’t either.

You see, I notice people frustrated all the time. Frustrated when others fail them. Frustrated when people disrespect them. Frustrated when people lie to them. Frustrated when they can’t meet a good partner. Frustrated when their partner chooses Fantasy Football over a candlelit dinner. Frustrated when the girl in Uggs and yoga pants cuts in front of them at Starbucks. Frustrated when their friends cancel on them last minute. Frustrated when a SnapChat streak with their crush ends. Frustrated when their colleagues are incompetent idiots. Frustrated when their hot date is 2.5 seconds late for dinner. Frustrated when their husband doesn’t put down the toilet seat.

If this is you, maybe, just maybe, your expectations of others are too high.

Remember, humans are funny.

“But Erica, don’t you get pissed off when people fail you?” you’re probably wondering.

Nothing phases me, really. But this is because I’ve moved into acceptance that humans are funny, in fact, stupid. I’ve found the more I expected from people, the more disappointed I became, so I stopped holding other people to unreasonable expectations, and boom. My happiness skyrocketed.

Now this may make me sound like an entitled, spiritual hippie who reads too many Don Miguel Ruiz books, but bear with me here.

Fun fact: I’m stupid, too.

Collectively, we all are. More often than not, humans live out of fear and insecurity, which pushes them into survival mode. And you guessed it: this never ends well.

Being in a state of fear causes people to do stupid things, like compare themselves to others, lie to loved ones, repress their true emotions, hide their authentic selves, envy others, not follow their dreams, become complacent, defend their identities, protect their egos, stroke their egos, and so much more.

What’s gotten me through dealing with crappy people (and what can help you too), is repeating the phrase: humans are funny.

Once and for all, you can find solace in knowing that people are downright whack. Moreover, you can feel relief in realizing that everyone is capable of shortcomings that aren’t your job to fix.

Your job, therefore, becomes to marvel in the fact that humans are funny, to not be dragged down by how others act, and to continue to walk forward in your own life.

So instead of getting mad when others disrespect you, remember, humans are funny.

So instead of getting pissed off that everyone you meet on Tinder is a boring drone with no sense of humor and needs validation from others in the form of swipes, say to yourself humans are funny.

So instead of getting annoyed when a group of teenage girls is sitting in front of you at a football game taking selfies the entire time, laugh to yourself humans are funny.

So instead of getting worked up when people are arguing politics on social media to bring excitement to their uneventful lives, repeat humans are funny.

So instead getting frustrated that your guy friend is being emotionally abused by a manipulative girl when he deserves better, remember, humans are funny.

So instead of being ticked off when other girls are gossiping about you because their lives are as boring as waiting in line at the post office, remember, humans are funny.

So instead of getting mad when your boyfriend is on his phone and scrolling through Instagram while you’re at dinner because he has no depth in his personality and is incapable of intellectual conversations with you, remember, humans are funny. Oh, and dump him.

So instead of getting sad when someone talks behind your back because they don’t have a pair of balls to confront you to your face, say to yourself humans are funny.

So instead of being bothered when your colleague is an ego-driven narcissist who defends his qualifications and intelligence all the time, repeat humans are funny.

So instead of getting riled up when Donald Trump says something stupid on Twitter for the 100th time, say to yourself humans are funny.

Repeating this mantra not only provides comic relief to your life, but it also gives you a level of awareness that everyone on this planet is messed up. What happens then is, you now feel a weight lift off your shoulders and the burden of others living up to your expectations wanes. Then suddenly, your life is infused with more tranquility and ease.

People, to that end, aren’t changing any time soon, and trying to change how others act becomes more of a full-time job than anything. I’d argue, however, you do need to set clear boundaries in some scenarios, and communicate with others how you want to be treated.

If they don’t respect your boundaries, remember, humans are funny, and then focus on people who do.

For as long as we live, humans will remain funny, so it bodes well to find the amusement in everyone’s shenanigans.

So here’s your homework: 1) accept this truth 2) repeat this mantra when frustrated and 3) rely on yourself.

People are hilarious, no doubt. So if there’s anything you get from this article, it’s to find the humor in humans.

The next time someone does something stupid and disappointing and derailing, repeat after me once more: humans are funny.

  • Chelsea
    Posted at 00:35h, 21 December Reply

    The accuracy of this article was perfect. Thank you for sharing Erica – today, more than ever, I needed to hear this. What a great little reminder when you’re having a “day” that you’ve allowed to be derailed by someone else.

    In this moment, I’ve taken my power back, so THANK YOU.

    Oh, and yes, humans ARE funny!

    • erica
      Posted at 03:03h, 21 December Reply

      Chelsea, thank you so much! I’m glad this article came at the right time for you. Always a much needed reminder when people start acting up. Humans are so freaking funny, it’s insane when you become aware.

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