How to Stop Taking Life So Seriously

How to Stop Taking Life So Seriously

If you’ve been a loyal reader of this blog, you’re more educated than most people.

And chances are, you’re also here for some degree of advice, whether this is on how to train, how to blog, how to coach, or how to stop succumbing to life’s shit storms.

Funny enough, my hottest articles are the ones that talk about life. Mind you, I’m a full time strength and soccer coach, not a life coach.

But yo. I’m qualified to write on the topic because I’m a human being, just like you.

I experience life’s oscillations all the time – from stomach-knotting anxiety, to high vibrational creative power, to enchanting curiosity, to peaceful contentment.

Sometimes, I take life lightly. And sometimes, I take life seriously. Like I’m-about-to-take-over-the-world-like-Wonder-Woman seriously.

Being serious, to that end, can be a good thing. We escape complacency and stagnation. Seriousness, at times, forces us to level up and evolve.

However, it becomes problematic when it causes anxiety, depression, and frustration. I call this toxic seriousness.

Which, I’d argue, happens to most humans.

Toxic seriousness encompasses several things:

– Comparison to others
– Jealousy toward others
– Lack of gratitude
– Lack of contentment
– Lack of authenticity

The list could go on and on and on, but any time you find yourself feeling icky, it may be time to check in with yourself and stop taking life so damn seriously.

Because, it ain’t that serious.

Not even one bit.

With that said, I’m excited to provide 3 actionable steps you can take to stop taking life so seriously. Let’s rock:

1.) The “Take A Step Back” Method

My colleague and I created this method as a way of taking a step back from the bullshit. In other words, putting things into perspective again.

Literally, we’d “take a step back” with both feet (yes, actually physically do it), and then observe what was going on.

The physical step back returned us back to awareness of our surrounding world and what REALLY was going on.

As an example, one day at work, I took my step back and was like, “holy shit, I’m in a facility with weights clanking and electronic dance music blasting in the middle of the Universe spinning around.”

You probably could guess my mood improved, especially because I was so in awe of this mind fuck.

So the lesson learned by the “Take A Step Back” Method?

By bringing awareness to stressful situations, it allows you to take a step back in your power and realize there’s way more going than your trite problems.

Try it. Take a step back.

Let’s try it together and laugh at the shenanigans going on in this world:

– There are girls taking selfies with dog face filters.
– There are married people on Tinder.
– People live for gender reveal parties.
– Wedding hashtags are a thing.
– Vegan dog food is a thing.

Isn’t it fun to take a step back? I encourage you to find the glitter of comedy in every situation.

2.) Create.

The moment I started focusing on creating, rather than spectating, was game changing.

Writing, for one, has brought me back in touch with my serene self. I’m able to rise above the noise because I’m so tuned into creating things that breathe life into me.

Rarely, do I know what anyone else is doing, nor do I care, because I’m a magical unicorn who creates and shits sparkles.

Creating, however, can mean anything:

Go dance in the rain. Draw a portrait of Johnny Depp naked. Compose a love letter to Kate Upton. Propose to Kate Upton. Drink expensive craft beer instead of watered down shit. Buy a personal cold brew machine and make coffee. Make music. Write a blog post with profanity. Start a book club. Write a book. Invent an Uber phone app for soccer parents who don’t have time to drive their kids around. <– wait, don’t steal my idea.

As long as you’re creating, you don’t have time to worry about others. Creativity moves you into a place of totally immersion in the present moment that the world could be attacked by a meteor the shape of a penis and you wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

So go shit some sparkles. Create.

3.) Live through love.

There are two emotions in this world: fear and love.

When we see through our fear lens, we get competitive and jealous and defensive. Which is normal, because when we feel threatened, we do anything in our power to protect our self identity.

But look. I got news for you: there’s nothing to fear. It’s not like you live in neo-lithic times and there’s a cave man wearing a loin cloth running straight at you every day.

Our biggest fears today, really, are useless and usually revolve around losing our material possessions or ego or self identity.

It’s idiotic, to say the least. Because when you come into this world, you have nothing, and when you leave, you have nothing. There’s nothing to fear.

Sure, you’ll have your soul when you leave this world, bur it’s not like your soul is like, “oh wait, you forgot to bring your graduate school diploma, Mercedes-Benz, trophy wife, and your iPhone X with you.”

Your soul doesn’t give a shit. Rather, it delights in being with the essence of itself. No ego, no self identity, just loving energy.

Because there is nothing to fear, life ain’t that serious.

Relieved yet?

I’m sure you’re flabbergasted at how deep this post got, but consider it a serious call to action with comical undertones.

So as I wrap up this article, I hope you’re inspired to take life less seriously.

Give these methods a try and let me know how you do.

And always remember, to take a step back. <3

  • Tawnya
    Posted at 01:07h, 15 May Reply

    Really nice perspective and summation! Thank you!

    • erica
      Posted at 11:56h, 15 May Reply

      Thank you!!!

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