How to Stand Out as a Fitness Writer

How to Stand Out as a Fitness Writer

There were two things I was good at in college: soccer and writing.

Everything else I did on the prestigious Johns Hopkins campus, from calculus, to microeconomics, to statistics, to accounting, I was as useless as an Italian fan at the 2018 World Cup.

Since I was in elementary school, writing has been my thing. It came easy for me and filled me with an incredible amount of life.

I could write poetry. Fiction. Non fiction. Haikus. Love letters to my crush in the first grade.

And in college, I could write history papers the night before they were due, or bullshit papers in German the day of, or write an economics paper drunk, and still manage to receive an A+ on all of them.

To say writing is second nature for me is an understatement. I can do it drunk. I can do it sober. I can do it while listening to Justin Bieber on repeat. I can do it while being in the hospital from severe dehydration. <—- read this article I wrote from the hospital bed.

There’s nothing in this world that can stop me from writing with fervor and passion. Not even the zombie apocalypse. Not even flying squirrels. Not even Donald Trump. Not even belligerent British hooligans.

And this is because I’m so freaking passionate about it that it is a top priority in my life – above dating, above bar hopping, above getting shit faced, above watching the news.

To that end, I’d argue I’m just as passionate about writing as I am soccer playing, coaching, and training.

So if you’re a fitness professional who wants to stand out as a writer, you need some degree of passion.

In order to rise above the noise and shine amongst the masses, it’s going to take a lot more than you think.

Let’s dive in.

1.) Don’t be boring.

I don’t know about you, but some people lose me at “brace your core” or “get in a tri-pod stance” when they write.

Some of the fitness stuff out there is so boring I’d rather watch paint dry.

While I get we can’t reinvent the wheel, we can write with our own spice and call attention to our readers.

Exercise science will never change, but your writing can provide its own twist to showcase your unique personality.

As an example, I’ve related cheat meals to nuclear North Korea. I’ve connected soccer performance to online dating. I’ve referenced Frodo and Sam’s adventure to destroy the Ring of Power to single leg strength training. I’ve connected keg stands to abdominal crunches.

Random, I know.

But were my readers hooked?


So don’t be boring.

Again, you lost me at “brace your core” in your opening sentence. And chances are, I won’t read your 10 coaching cues in an article. Video record that shit or bust.

2.) Use videos.

Okay perfect segue to videos.

While I get there’s power in words and storytelling has its way of drawing people in, videos are a great way to break up text.

And to you know, mitigate the ADHD that is prevalent in our society.

Especially if you’re writing a technical article, the last thing people want to read is a billion coaching cues. They’re not going to give you 100% attention through the entire article. And that’s the honest truth.

So instead of boring people, why not take a few minutes to film a video? Extra points if your voice is sexy and you can serenade.

Video, to that end, does several things:

– People pay attention more.
– You showcase your personality.
– You break up text in your articles.
– You can show your sexiness.

I’m willing to bet people would much rather see me talk about the squat than write about it:

3. Have a radical opinion.

Sometimes, it takes standing out like a sore thumb to get attention of readers.

This means expressing your opinion, even if it’s not popular.

Heck, I’ve done this so many times. In fact, I’ve had several heart attacks while pressing “publish.”

My soccer position specific article.
My simplicity in soccer skills training article.
My no more crunches article.
My profanity article.

But you know what? Blogging is beautiful because it gives you space to have your own opinion and share it with the world.

Though it can be gut wrenching, it can also be empowering. It opens up uncomfortable conversations that challenge you and help you grow as a professional. People will agree. People will disagree. And both are okay.

Having a radical opinion pushes you to center stage with all eyes on you. Fucking go for it.

4. Be consistent.

And finally, I have to end with the least sexy piece of advice: be consistent.

I mean come on…do you really think you’ll stand out with your pathetic 1 article every 5 months?

Fuck outta here.

In order to stand out, you have to put content in front of the masses. Consistently. And if it’s not twice a week at a minimum, it will disappear as fast as a girl who ghosts you.

Don’t be that guy.

Put content out relentlessly.

Otherwise your readers will ghost you more than that chick from Tinder.

  • Bob
    Posted at 19:29h, 19 July Reply

    hi Erica-
    thanks for sharing this one- esp. the part about the radical opinion- I’m always to shy- to straight for that- thanks I am going to change that. Even it’ll cost the first 3 subscribers- –
    Hey have a good one!

    • erica
      Posted at 20:39h, 19 July Reply

      Any time, Bob! Glad it helped. Keep writing.

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