How to Love Your Body

How to Love Your Body

This morning, as I was cooking up a storm of breakfast burritos, I was walking freely around my apartment in my birthday suit. And no, thankfully, my roommates were not there to appreciate the bold nudity happening in the kitchen. Come on guys, you know me better than that!

As I was meandering around, I couldn’t help but take a glance at myself in the mirror, noticing my body so carefree and smooth and being its usual curvy self, until I noticed something frightening….cellulite. I had to do a double take…actually a ten-take because I was just so shocked and appalled from what I found.

Termed “cottage cheese,” cellulite is a hot topic and rather sensitive piece of discussion in the female fitness community. And this gushy form of tissue deep beneath our skin is seen in such a negative light, as if it makes us worth LESS than we are. As if it defines who we are as women. As if it is an end-all-be-all.

After it sunk in I had cellulite, I texted my closest girlfriend and embarrassingly told her about my recent discovery. Admittedly, I just needed someone to talk to at this moment. And I don’t know what the big freaking deal was because all she said was “Well, what can ya do. Time to move on.” And those were the magic words that comforted me so much that I simply continued to GO ABOUT MY DAY. BUTT NAKED. *Disclaimer: I was working from home all day*

Instead of worrying about the skin beneath my booty cheeks, pinching at it, jiggling it, looking at it in all sorts of different lighting, or whatever the hell else females do when they fixate on a superficial flaw, I simply moved on with life.

And then a light bulb went off. There was a REASON I was walking around naked in the first place before my shocking discovery: I loved my body for what it had in that moment. 

I loved my curves. My athletic build. My powerful soccer legs. My unstoppable set of glute muscles that my male friends bow down to. And all of these attributes should be embraced and not replaced by something so trivial like cellulite. I needed to continue to give my bod credit where it was well due.

My current body is what I love. I am strong. I can kettlebell swing 24 kg for 100 reps at the snap of a finger. I can bear crawl better than a grizzly bear. I can run hill sprints at 5am like a mad woman like it ain’t no thing. I can play soccer better now as a 25 year old than I could as a young college all-American. I kinda sorta like what I have goin’ on here. Actually…I LOVE IT!


Cleats, curves, and cellulite. Unapologetically, being myself. 

So here’s the thing: your body should be LOVED no matter what. And to help you along the positive self image trek, here are some tips on how to love your body ALWAYS <3

1.) Focus on your positives attributes.
When you allow one meager negative to get to you, that takes away value from the positives of your bod. And taking away that value makes us feel small, useless, and like we are not enough. Humans are silly because we focus on the negative 99% of the time. When you shift your focus from one small negative to a million positives (because, yes, you have a TON of them), then the real magic happens. Living with a wholehearted view of your body will empower you to amazing heights.

2.) Focus on physical strength, not superficial looks.
Does having cellulite define your character or physical capabilities? Does it make your dead lift personal record any less? Does it make you run slower? Does it hold you back from playing your sport? Does it make you a less flexible Yogi? Put simply, cellulite is just there. It’s THEREEEEE. It’s there just saying “Hey, what’s up.” And it’s not holding you back from the truly awesome individual that you are.

3.) Realize everything is impermanent.
The bad news: everything is always changing. The good news: everything is always changing. Your body is impermanent and it’s simply beautiful. It is constantly in flux – one day it’s more bloated than a blow fish, or one day it is as lean as a bikini competitor. Some days you weigh 165 pounds, and other days you weigh 135. The great news is – you’re always changing because life just HAPPENS – you get pregnant, you have a major project to take on at work that prevents you from working out for a bit, you have a graduate school exam that only makes you want to eat copious amounts of Oreo cookies while you study, and then after, it’s margaritas straight to the face for at least the next few weeks. I get it! And it is OKAY. Remember the good news: life is always changing, events come and go, and so does your body.

4.) Pay attention to how you feel
My cellulite doesn’t change my energy levels, my strength, nor my authenticity. My cellulite is simply physical. And when I ignore it, I can hone in on how I feel on the inside – vibrant, healthy, and energized. There are many gorgeous, athletic women who still can’t win the cellulite battle, who in fact, have had cellulite for a while now. But they still have their uniqueness and illuminating personalities for a lifetime.

Folks, I have cellulite at age 25. And I’m cool with it. I’m still me. I’m still Erica. I’m still capable of a happy life. And I’m actually still naked as I write this post. #sorrynotsorry

With that said, I choose to not tune in on one tiny flaw. I choose pure love of my body. I choose not to freeze myself in a case of a negative self-image. Rather, I choose to *melt* insecurity, broaden my perspective, see the multitude of dazzling attributes I posses, and ride the exciting, impermanent wave that my body is a part of. This is an adventure and I choose to embark on it with confidence, openness, and ease. <3

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