How to Be Healthy While Traveling

How to Be Healthy While Traveling

So guess who’s going to Vegas in a week?



Like most people, you may predict a reenactment of the Hangover with strippers, Mike Tyson’s tiger, new face tattoos, patron, and a FBI search of every corner of sin city to find our lost friend, Doug.

As much as I wish I was about to embark on a bachelorette party full of banana hammocks and chippendales, this couldn’t be more far from the truth. We can safely subtract all of these shenanigans out of the equation. Except patron. And chippendales.


My big trip to Vegas will involve me, my best friend Becca, and four dudes.

You may be wondering, ‘Why the hell is Erica going to Vegas for a sausage fest?”

First of all, I’m a big fan of sausage fests. Second of all, Becca and I are going to need these guys as our body guards. The event we are about to buckle up for is wild, obscure, and preposterous to say the least. No, we are not going to see Cirque du Soleil on LSD or magic mushrooms. Though there are some parallels, we are actually going to Electric Daisy Carnival – a spectacle of the world’s best DJs, electronic dance music, carnival rides, thousands of ravers from around the globe, glitter, colors, lights, glow sticks, and nipple pasties. If you don’t believe these types of productions even exist, check out this video:

*evilly smirks*


Before I leave my soul behind at the Electric Daisy Carnival, I must do some thorough planning – more than I would a conventional vacation. The good news: 12 hours of dancing for three days straight gives me ample cardio for the trip. The bad news: there will be a lot of greasy carnival food and serious lack of nutrients in my system. So how will I prepare myself, you ask? Here are 8 simple, go-to rules I follow when I’m on the road:

1.) Bring your healthy snacks.
I have discovered the best way to ensure you stay true to eating healthy on the road is bringing your own snacks. Because bringing your own snacks gives you total control over your choices. There’s something about having healthy things readily available, so we don’t veer off the path and gorge on every unhealthy option that comes along. For me, I resort to Quest bars, KIND bars, bananas, oranges, apples, and various nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts). Rice cakes are another great option and they complement nicely with natural peanut butter (I take my peanut butter in small packs for convenience and portion control because this girl can eat spoonfuls of PB). For a high fiber bar, I choose Isagenix IsaLean bars in oatmeal raisin (this being the most palatable at the moment). Naturally, I bring water bottles and to-go almond milks for my black coffee.

photo (26)

2.) Stay hydrated.
I’m kind of a water nazi. And it really pisses me off when people don’t drink enough water. We are lucky enough to have unlimited access to clean water in the first place, and any time someone says they forgot to drink water is bullshit. Oh, but you remembered to drink soda and iced tea? I’m sorry but DRINK YOUR WATER PEOPLE. Ya hear? Especially when we travel, we indulge in copious amounts of salty foods, sweets, and alcohol which all suck hydration out of our systems. Staying hydrated is the key to fighting jet lag, staying energized, and keeping the metabolism boosted on the road. And all these things, you’re kinda going to need in order to enjoy the hell out of your trip. 😉

3.) Don’t eat at every-day restaurants just because you’re on vacation.
Dunkin Donuts. Starbuck’s. McDonald’s. Just because I am on vacation, doesn’t mean I will go to restaurants I have in my own town and use it as an excuse to order a Big Mac or Frosty. If I’m at a Dunkin Donuts in another state, I will stick to my black coffee and almond milk, and when I do splurge, I’ll enjoy the area’s real treats. If I’m in Maine, I’ll eat lobster. If I’m in New Orleans, I’ll treat myself on seafood. And Philly, you bet I’m hammering some cheesesteaks. Oh, you may wonder what the Vegas delicacy for me is: In N Out Burger. Unique meals on vacation are worth the celebratory splurge, so at least save for those specific delights, not a 50 count box of munchkins at a national chain.

4.) Stay mindful. The goal on vacation isn’t to stay lean.
I can’t think of one person in this world who goes on vacation with the mindset of staying insanely lean, dropping pounds, or gaining muscle. Vacation is meant for relaxation, a little more indulgence than usual, and to not overthink your physique. Unless you’re a bikini competitor or male bodybuilder traveling, then surely you must bring that tupperware with chicken and broccoli. As for the rest of us, this is too much of a burden for our well-deserved time off. Stay mindful and adopt the mentality that yes, it is okay to lose yourself a little (which you will), but it is easy to get back on track when you return. You are human and humans enjoy rest and relaxation.

5.) Up protein when you drink alcohol.
Innately, I love the taste of wine. And when I’m on vacation, my fermented grape intake skyrockets. Grapes count as healthy, right? If you are aware of your on-the-road alcoholism just like myself, then we have to be careful with what we put into our bodies when we drink and eat simultaneously. Increasing your protein calories during some alc imbibing is definitely a good start. It is better to get rid of carbs altogether so that alcohol doesn’t become stored glycogen and blood sugar doesn’t spike. Carbs and alcohol at same time = BAD. With that said, bring on the grilled salmon, garlic asparagus, and full bottle of red! Or two. Read more about low-carb diets and alcohol here.

6.) Let your workouts dictate what you eat.
I get it. Working out on vacation is tough. With little access to gyms, too many distractions and loads of sightseeing, it becomes a burden that involves some effort. But a lot of vacations involve some extensive amount of walking, hiking, playing on the beach, or swimming in the ocean. And if you have certain days when you are a little more active than just sipping your cocktail on the beach, these will be the days you can give yourself more wiggle room with the carbs and sweets.

7.) You can find healthy options ANYWHERE.
Even at the nearest gas station, Starbuck’s, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, CVS, Walgreens, or any convenience store, there are still healthy options. Of course you won’t find all organic, non GMO, or unprocessed food everywhere, but there are still low calorie options available that are better than stuffing your face with Reese’s pieces, potato chips, and high-sugar sodas. Every gas station has water, fruits, protein/energy bars, and pretzels. Some gas stations even offer greek yogurt, salads to-go, prepared turkey sandwiches, and mini natural peanut butter jars. Word on the street is 711 now has dairy and sugar free coffee creamers too. Score. As for Starbuck’s and Dunkin Donuts, you can order skinny options for any drink, egg white breakfast wraps, multigrain bagels with light cream cheese, and fruit.

8.) Meal replacement shakes are your friend.
I never used to be a fan of meal replacement shakes because I didn’t feel fully satisfied. After taking the bold leap and trying Isagenix Dutch Chocolate IsaLean shake, I have incorporated this creamy goodness packed with nutrients into my daily regimen (even when I’m NOT on the road). It has become a regular part of my lifestyle in terms of maintaining my physique and elevating my energy levels. The shake has loads of vitamins and nutrients, fiber, protein, and healthy fats that keep me satisfied and my energy soaring through the roof. But the best part is the ease of adding two scoops to my shake bottle with water, mixing it for 30 seconds, and moving on with my day feeling light as a feather. There is no question I’ll be sneaking my Isagenix shakes into the Electric Daisy Carnival premises. But how could you blame me? Energy is kinda sorta needed for such a marathon of dancing.

So before I finish packing my bags with rave bras, body glitter, and glowing bracelets, please pray for Becca, my dude friends, and me. And if things go terribly wrong, send us good vibes by playing piano tribute:


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