How Often Should You Strength Train?

How Often Should You Strength Train?

“I strength train once a week. For an hour. And want to become a pro athlete.” – youth athlete


That’s so adorable.

Strength training, like everything else, takes a relentless pursuit of consistency in order to get to the next level.

So you want to deadlift 1.5x your bodyweight?

So you want to improve your 10 and 20 yard sprint times?

So you want to rapidly maneuver around defenders and score mad goals?

Yeah, you need to strength train more than once a week. An hour of training a week will not suffice. Ever.

Here is a guest post I wrote for strength coach Tony Gentilcore, discussing the frequency and consistency of strength training for maximal results.

I’m super proud of this article because:

1. I compared strength training to SAT math.

2. I dropped 10+ F bombs.

3. And I preemptively dropped the mic before I wrote this piece.

It’s THAT good.

Not biased or anything. ;-O

You can read it HERE.

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