How Soccer Players Can Get Injured Less Often

How Soccer Players Can Get Injured Less Often

Injury prevention is a multi-faceted topic. While most coaches and parents believe performing a couple balance drills is the panacea for solving the ACL epidemic, it’s not.

If we only made our athletes do balance exercises, jumps, bounds, and bodyweight squats on the pitch, we’d be doing them a major disservice. Sure, this is better than nothing,Here but as athletes go through their careers, we must do everything we can to bulletproof them from injury. And illegal slide tackles:

The game isn’t getting any easier, no doubt. It’s becoming more physical, more fatiguing, and more intense.

So how do we prepare our players for the hardcore demands of the game? How do we optimize their resilience?

Here is an article I wrote for addressing how soccer players can get injured less often. This can apply to all sports, too. Enjoy.

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