Get Your Mind Right: Appearance on the Curve Mindset

Get Your Mind Right: Appearance on the Curve Mindset


My name is Erica.

And I fail every week.

Recently, I wrote an article titled My Life Isn’t Perfect, And Neither Is Yours, and the response was so tremendous the seas parted, glitter fell from the sky, and I became Queen of the North.


None of that happened. Pardon the use of hyperbole.

The response was amazing, though, and I was asked to create more content on mindset coaching.

Mental training is important. To neglect it in our programs, or at least, in our interactions with our athletes, is doing them a disservice.

You can have the strongest, fastest and most skilled kid on the pitch, but when faced with adversity he cracks under pressure.

With that said, I will start writing more mindset hacks for you all to take to your youth players.

In the mean time, listen to this podcast I did on the Curve Mindset, discussing all things failure, success, and how to tackle the oscillations of life, sports and career.

I also mention the book Ego Is The Enemy in the discussion. You should buy it.

DO. IT. Get it here.

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