Knowledge Is Power: Fitness Stuff To Read 3/1/2016

Knowledge Is Power: Fitness Stuff To Read 3/1/2016

Commercial gyms that are bodybuilding focused amaze me.

A few things I witnessed when working out at one this past weekend:

1) A trainer eating chicken and broccoli out of tupperware as his client performs heavy squats.
2) A trainer looking away in disinterest as her client does lat pulldowns.
3) A trainer yelling at his client as she executes a painful, final rep on bench press. Not to mention, with atrocious hyper extension of the back.
4) A trainer texting on her phone for half of the session.

Out of curiosity, I checked their hourly rates and the cheapest trainer was $70/hour.

It’s unfortunate that the fitness industry has come to people spending $70/hr to get yelled at and ignored. Or they hire fools who are so into themselves and have a 5,000 + arsenal of underwear selfies.


^ Okay, I’m being mean. Maybe she does have biomechanics knowledge tits and ass.

Alas, I just need to gather my thoughts, meditate, and recover from a weekend surrounded by bodybuilders. I’ll write a formal post on this later.

As a teaser, Bret Contreras made an excellent video on this topic here:

This week’s readings are for personal trainers and clients alike. If you’re looking to improve your training business and the heart of your being, these will certainly benefit. As for clients, these will help you discern which trainers are genuine, or which are narcissists with more selfies than Kendall Jenner.

The Most Important Thing I Have Ever Written – Coach Taylor Simon
Pew pew! Shots fired. There are far too many trainers with no basic knowledge of biology, anatomy, or biomechanics. The fitness industry is saturated with vanity-driven a-holes who want to grow a brand. Tons of f-bombs dropped in this one, but Coach Taylor Simon hammers home excellent points about the state of our industry.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Coaching – Mike Robertson
Yes, we work in laid back environments of barbells, pristine turf, and pretty kettlebells, but that does not justify acting unprofessional. Great insights from Mike Robertson on how to be a respectable coach.


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